Branding yourself through social media

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branding yourself through social media

Branding Yourself: How to Use Social Media to Invent or Reinvent Yourself by Erik Deckers

If you read enough ‘developing an author brand’ blog posts you’ll eventually be referred to the library to find some more in-depth information on personal branding. The day I visited the library the only personal branding book I could find was Branding Yourself: How to use Social Media to Invent or Reinvent Yourself by American authors Erik Deckers and Kyle Lacy – so I checked it out and got stuck in.

The book is aimed at job seekers, people wanting to establish themselves as experts in a field, business owners, creatives and professionals wanting to supercharge their careers.

The edition I read was published in 2010 (a second edition was released in 2012), and although some of the specific social media tips no longer apply, the principles that underpin the book still hold true.

The book is divided into three sections – ‘Why do I care about self-promotion’, ‘Your network is your castle’ and ‘Promoting your brand in the real world’. In other words, in the first section you learn how to develop your brand, in the second section you learn how to share your brand via social media and in the last section you learn about relationship management.

Each section is broken into useful tips, such as ‘Be bold – it’s okay to talk about yourself’. This particular tip may be of special interest to New Zealanders, as we’re not known for talking ourselves up. Deckers and Lacy contend that the difference between self-promotion and bragging is your motivation. Sharing information about your interests because you’re passionate about them? Self-promotion. Sharing your successes because you’re pretty sure they’ll make other people jealous? No one’s going to appreciate that.

The stories of four theoretical people are woven through the book to you show how personal branding can benefit anyone, whether you’re trying to enter a new field or hoping to nab that Chief Executive role one day. Along the way there are also plenty of dos and don’ts, for example, ‘don’t post pictures that would shock your mother’ and ‘do invest in other people.’

The authors recommend blogging as key to establishing yourself as an expert in your field. They offer some platform options, but you’ll probably want to hop online yourself and see what other choices are out there in 2015 (personally I use Weebly). Their blogging dos and don’ts? Don’t make your blog one big commercial. Do write from the heart.

The book provides hundreds of handy tips that you can immediately put into action. Branding Yourself: How to use Social Media to Invent or Reinvent Yourself is an interesting and useful read that’s still relevant today.

The five tips I took away from each section of the book:

Why do I care about self-promotion?
• You have the power to establish your own brand
• It’s ok to talk about yourself
• Discover your passion
• Write your story and share it with others
• Create relationships (they lead to opportunities)

Your network is your castle – build it
• Start a blog
• Get a decent headshot
• ‘Givers gain’ is your social media mantra
• Use a tool such as Hootsuite to manage your social media updates
• Check your analytics so you know what’s working

Promoting your brand in the real world
• It’s not all about you. ‘Givers gain’ is your mantra in the real world too
• Follow up after you’ve met someone – send them a thank you note or email them a link to an article they might find interesting
• Share opportunities
• Join Toastmasters and seek out public speaking opportunities
• Become an author. Write articles and submit them for publications in journals and magazines

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13 Proven Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

A Guide to Branding Yourself on Social Media

Just as the great rivers of the world collect their strength from a bunch of creeks and streams, your social media presence is a collection of your individual channels creating a greater whole. So how do you make the most of branding on social media? How do you put your best foot forward to attract new readers? How do you get those little streams to feed into a mighty river? Consistency is crucial in online marketing. Have you ever seen a commercial and know who its for, even before you see a logo or brand name?

So, what is personal branding? Why should you care about it? How will it help you build your career? Let's find out! Everyone has a personal brand - you just may not realise it. Wherever you've entered personal data, you've created a persona that makes up part of your personal brand. Add to these personas aggregated data like browsing history, shopping habits, and social media, and that's your online persona.

If you want to be at the top spot in your industry and stand out from the competition, you need to understand how to develop your own brand. Cement your reputation in your industry by using the four strategies discussed below. Personal branding is about consistently using the right methods to engage with your target audience on social media platforms; basically, establishing an image or impression in the minds of your audience. Social media is no longer optional. Building and grooming your social media presence has become an important way of presenting your brand and professional experience to the world.

What is Personal Branding?

Brands often work tirelessly to leverage social media in order to boost online visibility and revenue. They want more clicks, more likes, and they want to create a positive user experience.

Sharing online allows you to craft an online persona that reflects your personal values and professional skills. Even if you only use social media occasionally, the content you create, share or react to feeds into this public narrative. How you conduct yourself online is now just as important as your behavior offline. Building your personal brand on social media takes some work, but it could land you your next job opportunity or help you to foster valuable connections. Follow the ten steps below to ensure your online branding is working for you. Decide which social media account s you are going to focus on, and delete any old accounts that you are no longer using. For the networks you will be using, make sure all of your information is complete and accurate.

Social media is the place to be as a brand. Pretty much everyone including your mom, your grandma and your great aunt Joanie spends half of their waking hours checking their various social media platforms. Just like you need a solid branding strategy for your business, if you want to be a social media success story, you need to brand yourself there, too. If your website has one brand style specific colors, fonts, and product images , but your Facebook has a completely different look and feel… Which is totally different from your Twitter… And your Instagram and Pinterest… And your Snapchat, too…. Inconsistent branding is confusing. Having an all-over-the-place brand on social media hurts your overall branding , your brand recognition , your engagement… And in the end, it hurts your sales. Got a brand color palette?

But not everyone can successfully pull this off. Image via brandyourself. It requires continuous effort and the right mix of tactics. Here are some useful tips that will help you understand how to brand yourself on social media. It is very important to define what you want to achieve with your personal brand.

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