Best ballet songs to dance to

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best ballet songs to dance to

Ballet Quotes (100 quotes)

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3 HOURS The best relaxing piano music for ballet class, studying or reading

Best classical music: Dance

Emily has been an online writer for over four years. She focuses primarily on contemporary music and dance. What songs are good for lyrical and contemporary dance? Lyrical, or contemporary, dance is one of the most popular styles of dance. Whether you're choreographing a quick combination for class or you're putting together your next competition piece, the song can set the mood for the whole piece, so choose your song wisely!

A playlist featuring Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Aaron Copland, Aram Khachaturian, and others.
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Ballet is defined by dance, naturally, but it's also the gateway to some of the greatest music in the classical canon. Sometimes it's merely used to colour what's going on on stage, sometimes it's as a storming concert work in its own right. So, what's the deal with ballet music? Well, it depends on the ballet. When ballet was coming into its own as a dance medium, throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, the music was very much a background element.

For centuries, composers have been inspired by the movement of the human body. From the drama and longing of the ballet to the elegance of a waltz, from a raging polka to the passion of a polonaise or the lust of a tango, dance has long been used to communicate the vast spectrum of human emotion. Only true love can break her curse, but prince Siegfried turns out to be a little faint-hearted. The dark story calls for dark music and Tchaikovsky obliged with a brooding score of symphonic proportions. It is based on the fairy-tale by E.

There is more to classical music than just symphonies, operas, oratorios, concertos, and chamber music. Some of classical music's most recognizable pieces originated in the form of ballet. Ballet began in Italy during the Renaissance period and slowly evolved into a highly technical form of dance that required and demanded athletic and limber dancers. Lully's compositions for ballet are considered by many musicologists to be a turning point in the development of ballet. Since then, the popularity of ballet ebbed and flowed from one country to the next, giving composers of different nationalities the opportunity to compose some of their most famous works.

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  1. Designed as a comprehensive survey of Romantic and modern ballet music, this six-disc compilation from EMI Classics presents excerpts from all the mainstays of the classical dance genre, and a few selections that aren't quite as familiar anymore.

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