First dinosaur fossil found in antarctica

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first dinosaur fossil found in antarctica

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Published 15.12.2018

180 mln-year-old dinosaur fossils discovered in SW China

A tiny dinosaur relative named the 'Antarctic King' has been discovered at the South Pole

The first 3 dinosaur fossils led to the recognition of a new group of animals, the dinosaurs. The first nearly-complete dinosaur skeleton in New Jersey spurs modern paleontology. People have been finding dinosaur fossils for hundreds of years, probably even thousands of years. The Greeks and Romans may have found fossils, giving rise to their many ogre and griffin legends. There are references to "dragon" bones found in Wucheng, Sichuan, China written by Chang Qu over 2, years ago; these were probably dinosaur fossils.

Dinosaur Fossil Locations. See what dinosaurs fossils have been found in Antarctica. R. and C. Rinaldi). This was the first dinosaur found in Antarctica.
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WITH the first discovery of dinosaur fossils in Antarctica, now it can be said that the great reptiles in their prime were a truly global phenomenon. Their fossils have now been found in all the earth's large land masses. The Argentine Antarctic Institute has announced the discovery of the million-year-old dinosaur fossils on James Ross Island northeast of the Antarctic Peninsula, which projects toward the South American continent. The bones were uncovered by an Argentine expedition led by Eduardo Olivero. According to the announcement, preliminary analysis of the few fossil remains has led Argentine scientists to identify the specimen as a new plant-eating species within the dinosaur order Ornithischia. The fragments included parts of bony plates that apparently shielded the dinosaur's back, which was taken as evidence that the specimen could have been related to the armored ankylosaurs.

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  1. They learn what fossils have been found in Antarctica, and what those fossils The first dinosaur fossil was an ankylosaur, found on James Ross Island in

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