No child of mine 1993 true story

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no child of mine 1993 true story

Sara Bareilles: Once Upon Another Time by Sara Bareilles

Sara Beth Bareilles is an American singer-songwriter and musician. She achieved mainstream success in 2007 with the hit single Love Song, which reached number four on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Bareilles has sold over one million records and over four million singles in the United States alone and has been nominated for a Grammy Award five times as well as earning a nomination for a Grammy Award for Album of the Year, the most prestigious award in the music industry.

In February 2012, VH1 placed Bareilles in the 80th spot of the Top 100 Greatest Women in Music.
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No Child Of Mine 2

No Child of Mine () . True story about the mother of a murder victim seeking to bring her son's widow to justice and gain custody of her granddaughter.
Sara Bareilles

TV REVIEWS : Family Struggle in ‘No Child of Mine’

Sign in. The star of " The Boys " has a great Watchlist that she can't stop re-watching. Watch now. A British schoolgirl struggles to come to terms with the horrific and disgusting sexual abuse inflicted upon her by the adults in her life. When she resorts to self-harm to escape her troubles, a caring teacher tries to get her some help. A teenager is bullied by her former friends when they discover that she has a crush on the same boy as the most popular girl in school does.

It documents the true case of a girl named Kerry who was sexually abused throughout her childhood. Shortly after, her mother's new boyfriend moves in with them and begins physically and sexually abusing her. Kerry's father, Jim, a construction worker, attempts to manipulate her into prostitution, something she is unaware of until a few truck drivers "borrow" her. Kerry's situation worsens at home, with Jim abusing Linda and her boyfriend named Graham for abusing Kerry, and she avoids returning home. One of her class teachers suddenly becomes aware of her situation and attempts to have her placed in childcare. However, the crown prosecution later declines to continue the case, arguing there is not enough legal evidence to support the allegations. Kerry is placed into foster care, but her over-reactions cause her to damage and destroy property as well as create messes, making it impossible for the foster family to keep her.

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IT began with an idyll: year-old Kerry munching a Curly Wurly bar and singing in the car with her father. Ten minutes later, Dad gas using Kerry to pay a poker debt. He gave her to a middle-aged man, who, we knew, was going to rape her. She put her small hand in the big hand of the rapist - the s image of betrayal, ever since a Big Brother camera caught Jon Venables leading James Bulger out of a Liverpool shopping centre. Small hand in big hand used to be an image of guardianship. In No Child Of Mine, it was used to evoke horrors which a more graphic treatment would inevitably render sickeningly pornographic.

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  1. Given their limited emotional and financial resources, the birth parents believe the child would be better off raised by the Youngs, who have devoted their lives to raising special-needs children.

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