Cirque du freak chapter 1

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cirque du freak chapter 1

A Living Nightmare (Cirque Du Freak, #1) by Darren Shan

This is an older series and many of you may have read it years ago or already decided it wasnt for you, but maybe my review will sway you into giving it a chance (or just make you remember how much you loved it.)

Heres my take on things:

Be prepared for a male author with all male main characters. Theres a younger sister character with a small part and I enjoyed the siblings relationship, but aside from her and a few mothers, this is mostly a series about boys. Did that bother me? Not at all. Just pointing it out.

Lots of gore, which I enjoyed immensely. Also, some deadpan humor thrown in so it wasnt completely gross and disgusting all the time. It was a nice way to break things up so it didnt feel dark and bleak every step of the way.

The story is short and intense and doesnt contain a lot of filler. I can see how this might get compared to the Goosebumps series because those were quick reads too, though Id say this series is for a slightly older audience, but if these had been around when I was 10 or so, I wouldve gobbled them up.

Not a whole lot of surprises, you can kind of see where things are heading early on, but the few surprises that are included are pretty big ones. Theres also a scene in the beginning that doesnt get explained and Im curious to see where things go with that. I love that Shan obviously planned this as a series but still wrote a full book. Things are left open-ended, but theres not really a cliffhanger and I appreciated that.

This is a short gory book with a slightly new twist on the vampire mythos geared heavily towards male readers (though I think girls wont feel alienated at all) and the inclusion of a freak show is something fascinating and I welcomed reading about a topic done to death (heh) that ended up still feeling unique. I really liked it and already have the next book loaded up on my Kindle (though Im trying really hard not to start it tonight ... must ... wake up ... early ...)

I can see how this series is so popular now and hope the quality continues with each subsequent book. Also, if you liked this book and this series, definitely check out his other unrelated series, The Demonata; I really loved the first book and I can tell you that reading A Living Nightmare after Lord Loss that his writing only gets better.

Its really neat to watch an author progress and continue to improve and also clearly enjoy his work. There are not a lot of authors writing stories like Shans and I think it fills a nice pocket that fans of the Goosebumps series can stick their hand into once they start getting older. I definitely wouldve been one of them and I cant wait to dive deeper into the rest of his series.
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Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire Prince Chapter 1 Audiobook

A Living Nightmare: Cirque du Freak, Book #1

Dalton and learn that a piece of paper changed Darren's life forever, for the worst. Darren Shan is on the toilet because he felt sick during English class for no reason. He now feels a bit better but even though class ended and break started, he didn't want to come out for fear of being scolded by his teacher Mr. Then his friend Steve Leonard comes in and they goof around a bit then, Steve convinces Darren to come with him to help them win their football match. Darren remarks on how their team has been weakened then goes with Steve to the field. He scores two goals but just as things get going the bell rings. His other friend Alan Morris then runs onto the field waving a piece of paper around which he is eager to show them.

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My name is Darren Shan and I have two best friends name are Steve and Raven, Here is my story. Raven said" i can't because my dad want me to come home and he is going to pick me up." Crepley said"No Gavner and my home is at the Cirque Du Freak, I have Raven with me.".
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Family bookclub: Darren Shan's Cirque du Freak. Right from the start the author blurs the boundary between reality and fiction. For a start, he calls himself Darren Shan, which is the name he has given to his main character — except he tells us in the introduction that Darren Shan is a made-up name. He also announces very clearly that: "This is a true story". And he tells us about the mistake he made when he was a small boy, putting his pet spider in a vacuum cleaner, thereby emphasising his point that "in real life, bad things happen". So, having read the introduction, how do you feel? Do you believe or half-believe the author when he says the story is all true?


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  1. Summary: This is a total rewrite of the Cirque Du Freak series with Darren Shan being a girl and discover some extra "powers" she will have on the way.

  2. In this chapter we are introduced to Darren Shan and his three best friends Steve Leonard, Tommy Jones and Alan Morris as well as one of their primary.

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