What is a passage to india about

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what is a passage to india about

A Passage to India by E.M. Forster

When Adela Quested and her elderly companion Mrs Moore arrive in the Indian town of Chandrapore, they quickly feel trapped by its insular and prejudiced Anglo-Indian community. Determined to escape the parochial English enclave and explore the real India, they seek the guidance of the charming and mercurial Dr Aziz, a cultivated Indian Muslim. But a mysterious incident occurs while they are exploring the Marabar caves with Aziz, and the well-respected doctor soon finds himself at the centre of a scandal that rouses violent passions among both the British and their Indian subjects. A masterful portrait of a society in the grip of imperialism, A Passage to India compellingly depicts the fate of individuals caught between the great political and cultural conflicts of the modern world.

In his introduction, Pankaj Mishra outlines Forsters complex engagement with Indian society and culture. This edition reproduces the Abinger text and notes, and also includes four of Forsters essays on India, a chronology and further reading.
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The Passage to India by EM FORSTER summary

The 100 best novels: No 48 Ц A Passage to India by EM Forster (1924)

Two englishwomen, the young Miss Adela Quested and the elderly Mrs. Moore, travel to India. Adela expects to become engaged to Mrs. Adela and Mrs. Moore each hope to see the real India during their visit, rather than cultural institutions imported by the British. At the same time, Aziz, a young Muslim doctor in India, is increasingly frustrated by the poor treatment he receives at the hands of the English. Aziz is especially annoyed with Major Callendar, the civil surgeon, who has a tendency to summon Aziz for frivolous reasons in the middle of dinner.

A Passage to India is a epic historical drama film written, directed and edited by David Lean. The screenplay is based on the play of the same name by .
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I n , EM Forster , looking back in old age, wrote that the late-empire world of A Passage to India "no longer exists, either politically or socially". Today, approaching years after its composition, the novel is probably as "dated" as ever.

A Passage to India , novel by E. The novel examines racism and colonialism as well as a theme Forster developed in many earlier works, namely, the need to maintain both ties to the earth and a cerebral life of the imagination. The book portrays the relationship between the British and the Indians in India and the tensions that arise when a visiting Englishwoman, Adela Quested , accuses a well-respected Indian man, Dr. Aziz , of having attacked her during an outing. Aziz has many defenders, including the compassionate Cecil Fielding, the principal of the local college. During the trial Adela hesitates on the witness stand and then withdraws the charges.

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  1. A Passage to India () is a novel by English author E. M. Forster set against the backdrop of the British Raj and the Indian independence movement in the.

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