Baudelaire always be a poet

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baudelaire always be a poet

Quote by Charles Baudelaire: “Always be a poet, even in prose.”

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You have to be always drunk.

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They were private notes for a future essay that Laforgue would never write, attempts to define the genius of Baudelaire—who had died in , around twenty years earlier, at the age of only forty-six. Baudelaire was the first poet to write in his own voice without the alibi of outside inspiration. But even Coleridge was never as open in his poetry as he was in the privacy of his notebooks. Whereas for Baudelaire, in a notebook or a poem, the investigation was the same. This, for Laforgue, was what made him unique.

There are two types of drunkenness. The one wer get for overdrinking on any given weekend and the one that, for Baudelaire, embodies a much more meaningful reason, to create, to do art. Hello everyone, and welcome back to freetalk Podcast the show where we have one objective, to take your English to the next level, the fun, and simple way. The reason? I moved out, that is, I changed apartments. I live now in a new house. The change has been for the good.

When Baudelaire is great, when his genius is at its highest point of imaginative creation, of imaginative criticism, it is never when he works by implication—as the great men who are pure artists for instance, Shakespeare work by implication only—but always from his personal point of view being simply infallible and impeccable. As for Baudelaire, he rarely asserts; he more often suggests or divines—with that exquisite desire of perfect and just work that is always in him. With his keen vision he rarely misses the essential; with his subtle and sifted prose he rarely fails in characterizing the right man in the right way and the wrong man—the man who is not an artist—in forms of ironical condemnation. Shelley in his time and Blake in his time gave grave enough offence and perplexity; so did Baudelaire, so did Poe, so did Swinburne, so did Rossetti, so did Beardsley. All had their intervals of revolt—spiritual or unspiritual, according to the particular trend of their genius; some destroy mendacious idols, some change images into symbols; some are supposed to be obscurely original.


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Add to list. Get Drunk Always be drunk. That's it! The great imperative! In order not to feel Time's horrid fardel bruise your shoulders, grinding you into the earth, Get drunk and stay that way. On what?

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