Is project xa real story

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is project xa real story

Project X by Jim Shepard

In the wilderness of junior high, Edwin Hanratty is at the bottom of the food chain. His teachers find him a nuisance. His fellow students consider him prey. And although his parents are not oblivious to his troubles, they cant quite bring themselves to fathom the ruthless forces that demoralize him daily.

Sharing in these schoolyard indignities is his only friend, Flake. Branded together as misfits, their fury simmers quietly in the hallways, classrooms, and at home, until an unthinkable idea offers them a spectacular and terrifying release.

From Jim Shepard, one of the most enduring and influential novelists writing today, comes an unflinching look into the heart and soul of adolescence. Tender and horrifying, prescient and moving, Project X will not easily be forgotten.
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Real life 'Project X' party video: Police disperse 3,000-strong Facebook event in Netherlands

Is the movie "project x" based on a true story ?

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. Was the movie Project X based on events of a real incident or did parties get thrown to mimic Project X? Was there a real party thrown by a teenager that lead to a riot and news coverage that lead to the making of this film? Or were the real world parties of a similar nature leading to a riot a consequence of the movie?

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Seuss as you can get. But while there's no doubt that "Project X" is poised to become a hit, there is one burning question many fans have: Is the film based on the true story of Australian party icon Corey Delaney? Join us as we attempt to answer that question with our latest piece of hard-hitting investigative journalism, "Project X": Fact Fact: Back in , Delaney, who was then just 16 years old, gained worldwide attention by throwing a party while his parents were out of town. That's not so unusual, of course; but after he and his two buddies decided to post their address on MySpace, the power of social media blew the party up big time. By the end of the shindig, over strangers had arrived, leading to a wild bash so out of control that riot police were eventually called in to quell the commotion. Fiction: While it's true that Delaney's party ended up being a little more wild than most -- chances are you didn't see TV news crews at your bat mitzvah -- the specific craziness in "Project X" came mostly from the demented mind of "21 Jump Street" and "Scott Pilgrim vs.

When I was a sophomore in college, my friends and I would make regular trips on weekends to take in Hershey Bears games, the local, minor league offshoot of the NHL's Washington Capitals. The combination of cheap tickets and a quick commute to the 10, seat stadium lent a relaxed, laissez-faire attitude to what would otherwise be too burdensome of a social production. On one particular afternoon, the 3rd period saw the Bears futilely trying to climb out of a hole and the mass exodus of disenchanted fans left a half-empty arena and a subsequent opportunity for my friends and I to upgrade our seats from the upper level to some of the recently vacated lower level.
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Jonathan Daniel Brown —who plan to gain popularity by throwing a party, a plan which quickly escalates out of their control. The title Project X was initially a placeholder for a final title, but interest generated by the secretive title kept it in place. A nationwide open casting call was employed to find fresh faces. The majority of the cast were sourced from this casting call, but a few with prior acting credits, such as Mann, were accepted after multiple auditions. The film is presented as a found footage home video from the perspective of an attendee using a camera to document the night's events. Criticism focused on the "loathsome" [4] behavior of the lead characters, the perceived misogyny and the disregard for the effects of drug use. Other reviews considered it funny and thrilling, and equated it to a modern incarnation of the comedy Animal House.

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