Poem about happiness and love

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poem about happiness and love

Poetry Quotes (14093 quotes)

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All i want is to make you happy ?? Love Poems ??

Happiness love poems and/or love poems about Happiness. Read, share, and enjoy these Happiness love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search .

Love, Your Happiness Is My Happiness..... - Poem by Ravi Sathasivam

My life's greatest happiness is to be convinced my love to you I am grateful to you for making me happy through out my life I have never known love until I met you and your love touched my heart and brought so much happiness in me Today, you made me to see everything in a new life and you want me to know how those happiness could make me happy I found my happiness is to love you and to be loved from you Sometime, I miss you so much and your absence is very painful But when I carry your heart within me then my happiness is shining When I am sad then your sweet words brings me happiness and my soul get enough strength when it join your heart When my heart wants to know the meaning of ' love' then your love is making me to believe the truth of love Without you there is no happiness in my life and with you my life is full of hopes and my dream will come true When you hold me in your arms then my heart never want to let me go because your happiness is my happiness. I love you so much my love. Add a comment. True love never end Report Reply. Report Reply. One heck of a statement of devotion!

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There are poems that explore happiness in relationships, the fun of celebrations, the fierce happiness that we find when we discover our own power, the quiet contentment of fully experiencing the world around you, and the joy of playing with language. Raise me a dais of silk and down; Hang it with vair and purple dyes; Carve it in doves and pomegranates, And peacocks with a hundred eyes; Work it in gold and silver grapes, In leaves and silver fleurs-de-lys; Because the birthday of my life Is come, my love is come to me. Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. I walk into a room Just as cool as you please, And to a man, The fellows stand or Fall down on their knees. Then they swarm around me, A hive of honey bees. Men themselves have wondered What they see in me.

A Poem about Searching for Happiness

Free love poems and verses for romantic love messages and notes. Short, long, sad, teen, relationship love poetry, more. Find the words of love you're looking for right here. By Karl Fuchs. Love poetry should make the recipient feel treasured.

The following poems talk about happiness and what it means to be happy from my personal perspective. Sometimes, we may think that we are happy, but in reality we may not be living our lives in sync with our values. For me, happiness means - having the freedom to be able to choose the things we do in our daily lives. It means to spend time on things which are important to us, while being surrounded by a loving and supportive community of family and friends. Happiness also means living a simple uncluttered life, with neither an excess of material possessions or drama. We often wonder, where happiness starts.

Prev Poem. Next Poem. How happy I am to be in love with you. I want to scream from my lungs till I'm breathless and blue. I want the world to know how excited I am To be in love with this gorgeous, perfect man. How lucky I am; I feel crazy inside.

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