Jon tyson leaves trinity grace

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jon tyson leaves trinity grace

Sacred Roots: Why the Church Still Matters by Jon Tyson

Young people are leaving the church. We all know that. They love Jesus but not the church. They think church is irrelevant, dated, unnecessary, divided, and hurtful. And they arent entirely wrong. Yet church is also a place of healing, community, joy, hope, and redemption. This ebook explores what the church can offer 21st century cities, and makes the case for why church still matters in an increasingly post-religious context.
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Published 16.12.2018

I Will Be Still - Trinity Grace Church


I worked here for ten years! This group has been extremely hospitable, kind, and God-centered. I look forward to more partnerships with CT. He recently started at Clarendon! Pastor Joseph Mattera is the senior leader.

I've enjoyed a few interactions with Jon Tyson over the years, who I met for the first time at Discovery Church in Orlando. He tweeted a quote from Church Unique today which led to an audio I discovered of his recent vision Sunday message. If you want to improve your vision casting or plan your own vision Sunday this year, it's worth the time to listen. Vision Sunday is not Jon's term, but it is the most common way church leaders talk about a special preaching weekend dedicated to addressing the identity and direction of the church. For Jon and the people of Trinity Grace, this vision Sunday was a gathering of several multisites or missional community "parishes" to celebrate and recalibrate at the year mark. Why is it a masterful model of preaching vision on a vision Sunday?



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  2. It was late March, less than three weeks before the biggest day of his professional life, and there was still so much to do.

  3. While you should have received the announcement that Trinity Grace Church is particularizing either at our April 23rd worship gathering or in an email from our executive pastor Josh Staton on April 24th, we want to make sure you have clarity as to why we have made this decision so we can pursue the exciting future we have in front of us.

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