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jasper fforde early riser epub

Early Riser by Jasper Fforde

The new standalone novel from Number 1 bestselling author Jasper Fforde.

Every Winter, the human population hibernates.

During those bitterly cold four months, the nation is a snow-draped landscape of desolate loneliness, and devoid of human activity.

Well, not quite.

Your name is Charlie Worthing and its your first season with the Winter Consuls, the committed but mildly unhinged group of misfits who are responsible for ensuring the hibernatory safe passage of the sleeping masses.

You are investigating an outbreak of viral dreams which you dismiss as nonsense; nothing more than a quirky artefact borne of the sleeping mind.

When the dreams start to kill people, its unsettling.

When you get the dreams too, its weird.

When they start to come true, you begin to doubt your sanity.

But teasing truth from Winter is never easy: You have to avoid the Villains and their penchant for murder, kidnapping and stamp collecting, ensure you arent eaten by Nightwalkers whose thirst for human flesh can only be satisfied by comfort food, and sidestep the increasingly less-than-mythical WinterVolk.

But so long as you remember to wrap up warmly, youll be fine.
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Jasper Fforde Interview

Jasper Fforde

The availability of items requested from other libraries may depend on the policies of the other libraries. An astonishing, hotly anticipated new novel from the great literary fantasist and creator of Thursday Next, Jasper Fforde. As long as anyone can remember, society has been ruled by a Colortocracy. From the underground feedpipes that keep the municipal park green to the healing hues viewed to cure il Place a Hold You must be logged in first.

A funny and deeply imaginative new stand-alone novel from the bestselling author of the Thursday Next series about a world in which humans hibernate and dreams can be fatal Imagine a cold, dark world where all humans must hibernate through the winter, their bodies dangerously close to death as they enter an ultra-low metabolic state of dreamless sleep where their pulse drops close to zero and nerve synapses in the brain fire only enough to prevent irreversible brain damage--all humans, that is, apart from the winter consuls, a group of officers who diligently watch over the vulnerable sleeping citizens. When junior consul Charlie Worthing is stranded in the forgotten outpost of Sector Twelve, the new recruit hears of a conspiracy--a viral dream spreading among those in the hibernational state that causes paranoia, hallucination, and psychotic episodes that can end in murder. Worthing enters the sleepstate and experiences the dream in all its vivid glory, only to realize on waking that all the people who had known about it before have disappeared. More disturbing, Worthing can recall parts of the viral dream, which shouldn't be possible. When the dream starts to merge with reality, Charlie begins to question just what's real

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Fforde pours his brilliant imagination into every corner of this world Daily Mail Fforde keeps the puns and neologisms coming thick and fast while exploring every.
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To escape from St Granata's and continue to have access to the non-dream drug Morphenox, Charlie Worthing takes a job with the Winter Consuls. The Winter Consuls are responsible for the safety of the human population who hibernate to escape the frigid temperatures during the winter months and who must be protected from the Villains, Nightwalkers, and WinterVolk, in order to wake up safely in the Spring. Charlie's first assignment takes him into the peculiar Sector Twelve to deliver a Nightwalker to the Consulate there and investigate the rumors of viral dreaming with his mentor, Jack Logan. Unfortunately, Logan is soon killed, and Charlie becomes stranded in Sector Twelve as mysterious things start to happen. As some of the viral dreamers begin to die, Charlie is unsure about who he can trust, and then he starts to dream.

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