Does my arse look big in this

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does my arse look big in this

Does My Bum Look Big in This? by Arabella Weir

For once, Ill provide a synopsis, since whoever was supposed to do so obviously did not. So, this book is written diary style, the diary writer being one Jacqueline M. Pane, a woman in her mid-30s with cripplingly low self-esteem. Sounds a lot like Bridget Joness Diary, I know. And, if I remember correctly, the two have a lot in common, but I havent read Bridget Joness Diary in many years so I cant make a better comparison than that.

Anyway, I see that a LOT of people who bothered to review Does My Bum Look Big In This? didnt like it very much, or even hated it, and the fact of the matter is ... I get it. But I personally find the complete and utter lack of self-esteem, the paranoia, the cluelessness, all of it, to be very funny! I mean, no one really thinks like this. (Well, Im sure there are some, but no one I know so I guess I can chuckle at it!) But if people thinks its so over-the-top it loses its funny, I get it. Thats how I feel about John Oliver about 10 minutes in. I wont judge.

I also feel the need to admit that there might be a touch of nostalgia somewhere in my four stars. My brother went to London for his 26th birthday and brought back a copy of this book for me. 16-year-old me was so tickled, I read a diary entry every day to my then-best friend over the phone, and wed crack up over it. (I ultimately wound up loaning that copy to some bum I was friends with in college and never got it back. I bought a replacement copy when I went to London myself, which upset her but she still didnt return it so I dont know why she was mad about it.) I was tickled rereading it because there is some (not much) sexy-type stuff that happens, that may or may not have been over the heads of two high schoolers who hadnt even been kissed yet. :)

So, in short, funny haha, definitely keeping.
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Does my bum look big in this? - Tales from the Royal Wardrobe with Lucy Worsley - BBC One

Does my bum look big in this?

By Olivia Williams. If you have ever struggled for a diplomatic answer to your partner's questions, you can now have all the right answers ready to go. A survey of 2, women has revealed what women really want to hear. It showed that even straight-forward questions from wives or girlfriends like 'do you think I need to lose weight? Does my bum look big in this? That question should not be answered with 'no way' as men might assume.

You have to imagine that your partner has arrived home with a new dress. Or has maybe dug an old one out of the wardrobe, having not tried it on for a while. Pulls the dress over her head. Wriggles and shimmies it down. Jerks the hem to get it straight. Smooths the lines. It is a very small bathroom.


Many moons ago when I was young, it was all about making your bum look as tiny as possible. The question of the day was "does my bum look big in this? The answer back then was hopefully "No! These days, if you get asked the question "does my bum look big in this? Times have changed - for the better in my big bottomed opinion! Sadly we are not all blessed with a nicely rounded tush. Life style, dieting and age all play their mean part in this.

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  1. A question asked by females looking for a compliment or an honest answer. For black women: go with something along the lines of, "Girl, i never wanted to.

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