La force tarot card meaning

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la force tarot card meaning

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8 The Strength Tarot Card Meaning Upright & Reversed (Meaning of the Major Arcana Cards)

Strength VIII represents courage, confidence, and passion.

The Strength Tarot Card’s True Meaning: Love, Health and Money

The Strength tarot card is the ninth Major Arcana card of the tarot deck. When this card shows up in your reading, it is certainly a message that strength is required for some challenges in your love life, career, or relationships. Before diving deeper into the upright- and reversed Strength card meaning, and its connection to love, work, and life, below a quick overview of the most important words connected to this Major Arcana card. The Strength tarot card shows a woman in a white robe. She holds a fully grown lion and gently caresses its forehead and jaws. Even though it is known for its ferociousness, the woman is able to tame the lion through compassion, love, patience, and cunning.

The strength card is one of self control, willpower, strength of character and maintaining nerves of steel in any difficult situations. It is a card that represents mastery of a awkward situation and the overcoming of any negative thoughts, instincts or obstacles. In order to move forward you will need a huge amount of drive and determination and as long as you can accept this, then you will be able to succeed. In the process of this success, onlookers will respect you for seeing through the courage of your convictions. Try to think of the strength card in terms of fire.

Detailed Tarot card meaning for Strength including upright and reversed card meanings. Access the Biddy Tarot Card Meanings database - an extensive Tarot .
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Upright Strength

In a spirituality context the Strength Tarot card indicates a growing connection to your higher self. This connection to your higher self will give you more inner strength and balance than you dared to dream possible. The more energy you put into cultivating this connection, the more harmony is will bring to you, leading to the perfect balance of mind, body and spirit. If you have been going through a tough time, this card is a reminder that you do have the strength to endure and that things will get better. In a health context, Strength in reversal is still an indicator of good health. However, you may be lacking in self-control which could be leading to bad habits that negatively affect your health.

You are now ready accept that all your experiences up to now have served a higher, divine purpose. Even better, you now recognize and can wield at will your own internal strength of character. This awareness enables you to shape your destiny. It symbolizes divine power and balance for the Strength tarot. It is also a reminder that the Strength tarot card was formerly associated with Libra , as the maiden herself represents not only spiritual power, but balance as well. Robed in white , the color of pure spirit, the maiden of the Strength tarot represents power and balance. Balancing intellect yellow , passion red , matter green , and emotion blue , her influence gives everything shape and definition.

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