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i eat kids yum yum

The Kids Cookbook: Yum! I Eat It by Patricia Barrett-Dragan

This is one cookbook that I wish was still in print and one that I would most definitely love to add to my own cookbook library. Although the audience for the book is suppose to be children the recipes are easy and fun enough that a kitchen-loving adult may want to try some of them out such as making the clown ice cream cones or the carousel cake.

Each page has some sort of illustrations with it either being in black-and-white or in color while at the beginning of each section is a picture that has been done by a younger child. The artwork is cute and adorable while helps to emphasize some part of the name whether as a pun or an indirect implying of an ingredient.

The author uses small diagrams and illustrations to help readers understand what she means such as when she says to cut off something or to use a kitchen implement the reader may not be aware of. She also used the first four or five pages to go over kitchen terms and measurements so that no leaf has been left unturned.

With this cookbook in hand and a guiding adult hand, a child will be able to gain some wonderful skills as they learn their way in the kitchen.
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The Fourth Night of Hanukkah: I Eat Kids Yum Yum!

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Our maternal instincts go into overdrive if their lunchboxes come home from school or kindy with food left in them. Here at Yum Yum Kids, one of the most common requests we get are for big lunchboxes. Parents want to make sure that their children are not hungry throughout the day. The temptation is always to put in one more snack, just in case. They need an appropriately sized lunchbox for the size of their tummies. Something like a Yumbox is the perfect solution as the compartments allow for ideal portion control. At most schools, the children will have to eat before they are able to go and play.

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We know getting your kids to eat better can be tough. HealthPartners yumPower can help! Explore this kids site for all the tips and tricks you need to get your little ones to try more fruits and veggiesand like them! Find useful recipes, activities for your kids and more as you wander the vegetable patch, explore the grocery store and take a seat in the classroom. These tips will help you build great habits wherever your kids yum.

Growing healthy habits in childhood is very important. With our new series, "Healthy Habits", let's develop healthy habits. You are watching "A Healthy Meal", a super fun nursery rhymes to help kids build proper eating habits. Yum, yum, yum! Eat and chew well yum, yum, yum! Yum, yum! No, no.

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