4 learning styles by harvey silver

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4 learning styles by harvey silver

So Each May Learn: Integrating Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences by Harvey F. Silver

Ive also used this book over and over for presentations. Why didnt I give it 5 stars? I dont really know. It is awfully good. OK, OK, I just went back and changed it. When you use something all the time, you must like it enough to rate it highly. Ive heard Harver Silver speak more than once and respect his work. I continue to be fascinated by multiple intelligence from the time I heard Roger Taylor had us work with them in-depth in the mid-90 duringin his week-long G/T workshop one summer. I was hooked and have continued to delve into new research. This book mentions eight, but not the two more that have been toyed with. I am using it to prepare a research paper to support a presentation I am giving soon for a recertification, and I am finding new and wonderful things about how the brain learns, and what we need to remember to teach these incredible beings we have as our students.
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What kind of learner are you? - The 4 different learning styles

Part One: Introduction

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the secret life of the brain

Learning Styles

Learning Styles- VAK

The word strategy comes from two ancient Greek roots: Stratos , meaning "multitude" or "that which is spread out," and again , meaning "to lead" or, we might say, "to bring together. The goal of teaching is to weave together a conversation that unites these disparate individuals around a common core of learning. Strategies are the different types or styles of plans teachers use to achieve this goal. Although teachers have always used strategies think of Socrates's dialogue, Jesus's parables, the medieval birth of the lecture , until recently most teachers had only a handful of generic techniques at their disposal: discussion, demonstration, lecture, practice, and test. Over the the last 50 years, however, teachers and researchers have created, revised, tweaked, and recast these five basic elements into hundreds of new forms.

The knowledge I gained helped me better plan for, and interact with students and others. The information has also helped with character development in my novels. Now that I know what to watch for, it is quite fascinating to observe how people in my sphere interact with each other based on their learning styles. This combination of functions produces four different styles of thinking, with each style being naturally drawn to specific mental operations. The preferred mental operations include remembering, sequencing, and practicing.

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  1. In a book called So Each May Learn, Silver et al. (Silver and judging (thinking- feeling) dimensions to produce four learning styles, as follows.

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