Anne sexton music swims back to me

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anne sexton music swims back to me

The Struggle is My Life by Nelson Mandela

“Those who prefer abstractions or empty phrases, or fanciful—supposedly political—ideas, would do best to avoid this book, because Nelson Mandela is not a Quixotic fighter of windmills and imaginary monsters but a man who is fighting the bitter reality of the apartheid monster that is destroying the essence of his own beloved people, in the same way that colonialism is destroying the essence of my own people. In this book we meet an idealist with his feet firmly planted in the earth.”—Rafael Cancel Miranda

“A useful addition to both public and college libraries.”—Library Journal

“Reveals the patience, thoughtfulness and wisdom of the man who is the real leader of South Africa …. Especially valuable for the insights into his character and the character of those fighting for freedom in South Africa ….”—Alice Walker, Pulitzer Prize winner, author of The Color Purple

“A useful introduction to Mandela’s life and work through his speeches and writing.”—Los Angeles Times/The Book Review

“A concise, low-cost updated documentary study of the man, his life and thought …. There is a solid index and thirty-four evocative photos to enhance the text.”—The International Journal of African Historical Studies

“Perhaps the most riveting and revealing documents are the transcripts of Mandela’s trials …. They give the reader a better understanding of Pretoria’s fear of Nelson Mandela.”—Christian Science Monitor
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Anne Sexton - Music Swims Back To Me

Anne Sexton's "Music Swims Back to Me"

The earliest forms of poetry were performed rather than read, and the transcription of this oral tradition transformed the experience of poetry. It allowed readers to experience poems as text rather than audial or visual performances. Although the enjoyment of poetry in a textual form has become more common in modern times, the experience of reading poetry can be lacking some of the key features associated with poetry and its performance. Furthermore, the meaning or intention of a poem could be heavily influenced by the way it is delivered. It is likely that audience members attending the reading did not draw the same conclusions from the poem as those attending the reading, 15 years later.

Post a Comment. Anne Sexton took the suggestion of her psychiatrist very seriously. She therefore, initially, started writing poetry as a kind of therapy and a way to put into words what was impossible to express for so many different reasons. First and foremost the shame. The shame that comes with exposing your weaknesses, your dependence, your inner fears and emotional nakedness. Sexton chose to go the full way and before long, in her effort to overcome her psychological demons, she found herself actually becoming a poet and a good one at that. Today she is one of the most widely read confessional American poets who, together with Plath, Bishop, Kumin and others, have left their mark in modern poetry.

Edna Pickett's sophomore English class, circa Anne Sexton's eerie piece, "Music Swims Back to Me," consists of three free verse paragraphs versagraph s. Like most of Anne Sexton's poetry, this one belongs to the confessional style, which focuses on the intimate personal experience of the poet's life. Sexton began writing at the behest of her psychotherapist as a way of refocusing her suicidal tendencies to give her a reason to live. Famously, this strategy did not conclude successfully as the poet ended her own life after many years of therapy with a variety of therapists.

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In this poem Sexton is telling the reader a story about an experience. The first stanza is an introduction to the first night of her arrival at a mental institute. Which way is home? Sexton provides a great deal of visual insight as she decribes her entourage inside the institute. This verse is representative of the few peaceful and content memories that Sexton has; how she holds onto the memory of a song that seems to overcome her and relieve her of her own thoughts. The personification of music in this stanza makes reference to how it triggers certain, happier, memories for her. She can relate to the music, it is a constant.


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