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robert gelinas colorado community church

Finding the Groove: Composing a Jazz-Shaped Faith by Robert Gelinas

A jazz-shaped faith ... balances freedom with boundaries, the individual with the group, and traditions with the pursuit of what might be. I have discovered in jazz a way of thinking, living, communicating---a way of being ... a groove.You dont have to be a jazz musician, or even a jazz connoisseur, for this book to speak to you. If you love God and his Word, and if youve longed to follow Jesus Christ outside the slick corporate structures that some American churches erect, this book is for you. If you want to discover a freer, more genuine expression of Christianity, Finding the Groove will be music to your ears, your heart, and your mind.Using brilliant metaphors from the world of jazz, Robert Gelinas reveals breathtaking possibilities for the body of Christ. What might a jazz-shaped faith look like---and how could it help us fulfill the message of the gospel in a way no method, movement, or structured program ever could? How can understanding the beauty of jazz help you better understand Jesus, his vision for those who follow him, and his heartbeat for a world that is badly out of sync?But this book isnt about music. It is about a passionate, biblical, fully integrated way of looking at life and salvation that will free you to find your own unique groove in the kingdom of God.
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Decalogue // (Part 3) Pastor Robert Gelinas

A multiracial, interdenominational church in Aurora, CO, for all who seek purpose in Pastor Robert Gelinas - September 15 Why do we do this church thing?.
Robert Gelinas

Robert Gelinas

Thank you to all the volunteers that came out last Saturday morning to work on wrapping sound panels at our new base camp! Go to Coloradocommunity. Hope you can join us! Do you talk about your relationship with God in the present or past tense? Check the pulse of your soul.

Message from Pastor Robert Gelinas on September 15, Message from Pastor Robert Gelinas on September 8, Message from Pastor Robert Gelinas on September 1,
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Listen Later API. Colorado Community Church Podcast. By Robert Gelinas. Edit these tags. Dear Church Pt. Message from Pastor Robert Gelinas on September 15,

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  1. Hometown: Denver/Aurora. Describe your job: Preach weekend services, Vision Cast for the mission of CCC. What keeps you working here? Calling, the most.

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