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Shadow Quotes (317 quotes)

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Published 18.12.2018

What Happened To The ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ GOP? - MTP Daily - MSNBC

Book of the Week: Don’t Tread On Me

Because as our society changes, some have put a new spin on it. But how did it get here? Where did the Gadsden flag originate? The rattlesnake holds an integral part to the meaning of the flag, because it symbolizes vigilance and instinct to attack, but only if it is provoked in some way. Basically, Benjamin Franklin would reference rattlesnakes in his political conversations.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I am trying to edit the Tumblr theme below so as to remove the "Source:" portion that appears at the bottom of every post I reblog. I don't mind giving credit where credit is due, but this information is already visible in the Tumblr app and on the permalinks of each post I just want it to not clutter the homepage.

Snek. New lower from Parallax Tactical. It seemed like it was a one-off custom lower but they might be making a production run of them since so many people.
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Don't Tread On Me

The national guard are just soldiers NOT here for our interest alone. They are not truely goin to protect our freedom. We have too. This is why gun rights exsist to Protect the rest of our rights, to protect us from a currupt government. Both foreign and domestic.

Ophidiophobia is the irrational fear of snakes—those slithering, scaly reptiles that have been cast as the archetypal villain throughout history. Their unnatural movements and eerily flexible jaw joints do nothing to lessen their evil reputation. Despite the improbability of encountering a snake in the wild, there is still good reason to be afraid. Of the almost 3, varieties of snake species, about a third are deadly—killing prey with a venomous bite, squeezing victims to death, or, truly poisonous snakes known by the genus Rhabdophis , that carry a toxin to be absorbed indirectly. There is at least one species of venomous snake indigenous to each of the 48 contiguous United States—belonging to two major groups, Elapidae or Viperidae.

Posts of the meme typically show a picture of a subject, whether it be a product or a person, with a miniature of that subject as the "son" and the use of the phrase "Don't talk to me or my son ever again". The Verge identified it as the "meme of the summer" of The first use of the phrase "Don't talk to me or my son ever again" online was in a Tumblr post by user splendidland. The post showed red-colored text displaying the phrase over a screenshot of Spike Spiegel in the anime Cowboy Bebop next to a smaller-sized duplicate of the character. The "son" referred to the miniature of Spiegel.

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