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who wrote grammar of politics

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Government and Politics

I applaud Mark for taking on the question of left- and right-wing linguistic moralism. It encourages me to add some snippets from the disorganized drawer of Thoughts I have on this topic, some of them from stuff I wrote but never published. I leave the insertion of transitions as an exercise for the reader. In the first place, doesn't make sense to think of this question other than historically. The distinction between "prescriptivism" and "descriptivism" is a twentieth-century invention, and an unfortunate one, I think, since it implies that this is a coherent philosophical controversy with antique roots. In fact both terms are so vague and internally inconsistent that we'd be better off discarding them, and to impose those categories on the eighteenth-century grammarians, say, is gross presentism. So let me talk about "language criticism," both because it's closer to the mark, and because what linguists describe as "prescriptivism" in most of the Western languages is by-and-large just a stream of the critical tradition.

IS there a grammatical error in the following sentence? The answer is no, according to the Educational Testing Service, which included the item on the preliminary College Board exams given on Oct. After months of exchanges with the tenacious Mr. Keegan, the College Board finally agreed to adjust the scores of students who had marked the underlined pronoun ''her'' as incorrect. That's only fair.

Benjamin Dreyer sees language the way an epicure sees food. And he finds sloppiness everywhere he looks. By Sarah Lyall. With his finely tuned editing ear, Benjamin Dreyer often encounters things so personally horrifying that they register as a kind of torture, the way you might feel if you were an epicure and saw someone standing over the sink, slurping mayonnaise directly from the jar. Dreyer, 60, was born in Queens and raised in Albertson, Long Island.

Other articles where Grammar of Politics is discussed: Harold Joseph Laski: In his Grammar of Politics (), however, he defended the opposite position.
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He was active in politics and served as the chairman of the British Labour Party during , and was a professor at the London School of Economics from to He first promoted pluralism, emphasising the importance of local voluntary communities such as trade unions. After he shifted to a Marxist emphasis on class conflict and the need for a workers' revolution, which he hinted might be violent. Laski's position on democracy came under further attack from Winston Churchill in the general election and the Labour party had to disavow Laski, its chairman. Laski was one of Britain's most influential intellectual spokesmen for socialism in the interwar years. He was perhaps the most prominent intellectual in the Labour Party, especially for those on the left who shared his trust and hope in Joseph Stalin 's Soviet Union.

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  1. Harold Joseph Laski , teacher, political scientist, and British Labour party leader, was born in Manchester, England, the second son of Nathan and Sarah Laski; his father was a prosperous cotton shipper, a prominent Liberal, and a leader of the orthodox Jewish community.

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