Claudia roden middle eastern orange cake

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claudia roden middle eastern orange cake

A Book of Middle Eastern Food by Claudia Roden

From BBC Radio 4 - 15 Minute Drama:
Claudia Rodens A Book of Middle Eastern Food was a landmark cookery book, first published in 1968. At a time when most Britons were enjoying cauliflower cheese and soggy Spaghetti Bolognese on a regular basis, she introduced chick peas, sharp flavoured marinades, aubergines and her most popular recipe - orange and polenta cake.

She is a cookery writer whose love of cooking and exploration of culture through recipes has placed her in a unique role. Jay Rayner of The Kitchen Cabinet describes her as One of the greatest British food writers working in Britain today - one before whom the likes of Nigel Slater, Simon Hopkinson, Nigella and Delia will all willingly bend the knee.

Claudia was born in 1936 in Cairo. She was a foreign food correspondent for the Daily Telegraph and the Sunday Times Magazine. Later, she hosted a BBC TV series, Claudia Rodens Mediterranean Cookery, and has won many awards and trophies.

With cameos from Yotam Ottolenghi and Claudias granddaughter, Nelly Wolman, this entertaining dramatisation shines a light on an extraordinary global cook, still traveling the world sharing recipes and cultures.

Episode 1:
Claudia remembers her early life in Cairo and the nostalgic dishes of her childhood.

The dramatist Anjum Malik is an established scriptwriter, poet and performer. She is also a lecturer in creative writing at Manchester Metropolitan University. She was born in Saudi Arabia and has lived in Pakistan as well several cities in England.

Dramatist.....................Anjum Malik
Sound Design..................Eloise Whitmore
Producers........................Polly Thomas and Eloise Whitmore
Executive Producer...............Robert Abel

A Somethin Else production for BBC Radio 4.
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Middle eastern orange cake from Episode 65

This type of cake is considered half pudding and half cake. If undercooked it makes a tasty dessert served with cream and it can never be overcooked as it is too moist to dry up - pure wizardry - give it a try! Cooking Time: Preparation time 15 mins, cooking time 3 hrs.
Claudia Roden

Middle Eastern Blood Orange Cake

Amelia set a group of us off on citrusy cake dreams recently. The cake began with a search for recipes fitting two requirements: 1. I found my way to Eat, Little Bird , and this lemon cake. Nigella used clementines, as did I. Thanh used lemons.

We were sitting down to dinner last night when the phone rang. I cannot tell you the relief I felt when she told me that dinner had been a success. The recipe worked and her karaage looked exactly like my picture in the post. Our conversation meandered to baking, and children, and allergies. Well Grace, luckily I already have a half written post and one of my rather dodgy photos on file.

I was once invited to an associate of my husband's house for afternoon tea. My husband's friend set down a huge plate filled with great hulking slices of cakes bought up from a shop in Melbourne and the one that caught my eye was a fragrant orange cake. I figured the man of the house was a little clueless as men usually tend to be around cakes and tea as there was no fork or knife around and I only wanted a small slice I usually start small in case I don't like it as I feel rude not finished things. As I didn't know them very well I didn't want to interrupt the fascinating sailing conversation that was going on between the menfolk ok sarcasm there so I kept quiet and transported the huge hunk of cake onto my plate. And once I lifted the slice to my lips, I was so sweetly rewarded in the most wonderful way.


It is possibly the richest thing you could ever eat, so serve it in small amounts. It is essential to keep this in the fridge overnight, so start the day before. Serves 8 For the base butter 75g dark chocolate digestives g salted roasted peanuts g. For the filling chocolate g full-fat cream cheese g eggs 4 an extra yolk caster sugar g vanilla extract 1 tsp crunchy peanut butter g. Melt the butter in a small pan.

Using her description:. It is dense and moist and the cooked peel gives it a tart and intriguing flavour that is very seductive. I Stephanie have amended Claudia Roden's method slightly by using a food processor. The tin selected should be big enough so that the batter is no deeper than 6 cm, otherwise the cake will take much longer to cook. Boil oranges, barely covered with water, in a covered saucepan for 2 hours. The oranges float, so you might put something like a saucer on top to keep them covered with the water. Allow to cool, then cut open, remove pips and chop roughly, including the rind.


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  1. Rich, sweet and dense, Claudia Roden's orange and almond cake can't be beaten. This recipe was first featured in A Book of Middle Eastern Food published in.

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