Jesus died in kashmir faber kaiser

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jesus died in kashmir faber kaiser

Jesus Died In Kashmir: Jesus, Moses And The Ten Lost Tribes Of Israel by Andreas Faber Kaiser

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Did Jesus Live in India? - The story of Isha and the tomb of Jesus in Kashmir

Introduction Andreas Faber Kaiser Dr. Fida Hassnain Kurt Berna. Andreas Faber Kaiser is a philosopher and scholar of comparative religion.
Andreas Faber Kaiser


The anti-Ahmadi campaign had included accusations that the movement had kidnapped a well-known mullah, and demanded that Mirza Tahir should be interrogated in connection with this crime. But, he insists, he is not in any sense a fugitive from justice. This had been going on for 18 months before Mirza Tahir left Pakistan on April 26 last year. The Ahmadis firmly believe themselves to be Muslims — indeed the only true Muslims, recalled to the essence of Islam by the message of their founder, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Yet, under the terms of the ordinance, anyone claiming publicly to be a Muslim is required to declare that he regards Mirza Ghulam as an impostor — something equally impossible for a conscientious Ahmadi to do.

Eric Von Daniken,the author of "chariots of the gods" visted this tomb. He is convinced this is Jesus's pbuh tomb. He also noticed the skull caps worn by Kashmiris resembles the ones worn by the jews. Whoever volunteers for that, he will be with me in Paradise. Jesus asked again for a volunteer, and the same young man volunteered and Jesus asked him to sit down again. When the Jews came looking for Jesus, they found that young man and crucified him.

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The word roza means tomb, the word bal mean place. The shrine was relatively unknown until the founder of the Ahmadiyya movement, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad , claimed in that it is actually the tomb of Jesus. The structure stands in front of a Muslim cemetery. Within is a shrine to Youza Asouph. The structure was previously maintained by the local community, but is now maintained by a board of directors consisting of Sunni Muslims. There is no record of the shrine during Kashmir's Buddhist period , nor during the Kashmir Sultanate — when many Buddhist temples were converted into mosques, such as the Shankaracharya Temple or "Throne of Solomon.

Thank you! That Jesus once lived in India has been the subject of legend at different times, as has his living in England and other unlikely places. The author of this short book went to the tomb of Jesus in Kashmir and was told by its custodian that other visitors had included the uncle of Indira Gandhi and many film stars. There are fifteen pages of Kashmiri names which resemble names found in the Bible, and eight pages of names and addresses of people purportedly connected with the subject of the book. There is a section on the tomb of Moses, also in Kashmir.

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