Who is speak now by taylor swift about

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who is speak now by taylor swift about

Taylor Swift Quotes by Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift's Best Album? - Speak Now - Reaction

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What Ex-Boyfriends Inspired Taylor Swift Album 'Speak Now'? Let's Revisit The 5-Year-Old Songs

It has a lot less filler than Fearless did, and her lyrics all self-penned are remarkably frank for teen pop. She famously writes about her own love life in her hit singles. It got me wondering about the songs with less obvious targets, so I did a bit of digging. Here is a breakdown of my findings. Fans have developed a consensus about the meaning behind most of the songs, though some are more obvious than others.

"Speak Now" is a song by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. The song, written and produced by Swift with Nathan Chapman, was released as a.
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Taylor Swift - Sparks Fly

This song was inspired by one of my friends who was telling me about her childhood sweetheart, crush guy. They were kind of together in high school and went their separate ways, and it was kind of understood that they were gonna get back together. Then, she one day comes in and tells me he's getting married. He had met this girl who was just this mean person who made him completely stop talking to all of his friends, cut off his family, had him like so completely isolated. And I just, kind of randomly, was like, "So, you gonna speak now? I'll go with you. I'll play guitar.

On her third album, Speak Now , Taylor Swift took the pain and turmoil of failed relationships and turned them into powerful songs. Listen to Speak Now right now. Speak Now is a very personal work, with the Pennsylvania-born singer-songwriter basing the concept of the album around letting out her feelings — and at length. Some of the songs are more than six minutes long and the shortest is still nearly four minutes. So this is a song full of words that I would say to him, that he deserves to hear. Though the songs on Speak Now are highly introspective they packed a powerful punch for her young fans.

Today on Pitchfork, we are taking a critical look at the rise of Taylor Swift—from country underdog to pop superstar—with new reviews of her first five records. After two hit records, Taylor Swift decided that her third would be longer and more personal, and she would write it entirely by herself, no co-writers. The songs would concern major events in her life, many of which occurred in the public eye. The lyrics would take the form of letters, direct addresses, one-on-one conversations where she always got the last word. She wanted to use her newfound wisdom to reflect on her parents, her dreams, and how it felt to stand on stage and notice a bigger crowd every night, shouting the words back at her. But she was learning fast. Swift was 20 when the album, eventually titled Speak Now , came out and sold over a million copies in its first week—a record high in

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  1. What Ex-Boyfriends Inspired Taylor Swift Album 'Speak Now'? Let's Revisit The 5-Year-Old Songs

  2. The song, written and produced by Swift with Nathan Chapman , was released as a promotional single on October 5, , by Big Machine Records from her album of the same name.

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