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about the book of leviticus

The Book of Leviticus by Gordon J. Wenham

Leviticus used to be the first book that Jewish children studied in the synagogue. In the modern church it tends to be the last part of the Bible that anyone looks at seriously. Because Leviticus is largely concerned with subjects that seem incomprehensible and irrelevant today — rituals for sacrifice and regulations concerning uncleanness — it appears to have nothing to say to twenty-first-century Christians. In this excellent commentary on Leviticus, Gordon Wenham takes with equal seriousness both the plain original meaning of the text and its abiding theological value. To aid in reconstructing the original meaning of the text, Wenham draws from studies of Old Testament ritual and sacrifice that compare and contrast biblical customs with the practices of other Near Eastern cultures. He also closely examines the work of social anthropologists and expertly utilizes the methods of literary criticism to bring out the biblical author’s special interests. In pursuit of his second aim, to illumine the enduring theological value of Leviticus, Wenham discusses at the end of each section how the Old Testament passages relate to the New Testament and to contemporary Christianity. In doing so, he not only shows how pervasive Levitical ideas are in the New Testament but also highlights in very practical ways the enduring claim of God’s call to holiness on the lives of Christians today.
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Leviticus: A Quick Overview - Whiteboard Bible Study


The Levites held the lesser priesthood and were given the responsibility to officiate in the tabernacle and later at the temple in Jerusalem see Numbers — The book of Leviticus contains instructions on performing priesthood duties, such as animal sacrifice and other rituals that would help teach the children of Israel about Jesus Christ and His Atonement see Alma — Students can also learn important truths that will help them to be holy, meaning spiritually clean and set apart for sacred purposes. Living these truths will prepare students to serve Heavenly Father and His children. Moses is the author of Leviticus.

October 8, By Ralph Drollinger. By way of introduction, a simple, sobering observation is worth making: In the time of God giving the Torah wherein the OT book of Leviticus exists, surrounding the set-apart-by-God Hebrews were the permissive Canaanites. The permissive Canaanites practiced same-sex marriage. Query: Do you know any Canaanites today? How about Jewish folks? That simple reality the fact that one is extinct and the other is not serves to illustrate the huge error that any and every society makes that allows sexual predilection to determine who has the privilege to be awarded marital status in a given culture.

Why study this book?

Your browser does not support JavaScript. Please note, our website requires JavaScript to be supported. Please contact us or click here to learn more about how to enable JavaScript on your browser. Follow us:. Listen Now. The content of Leviticus relates directly to Exodus, providing evidence that the same hand penned both books.

The Book of Leviticus is a record of the laws which Israelites believed God handed down to them through Moses. They believe that following all of these laws, exactly and precisely, was necessary to retain God's blessings both for them personally and for their nation as a whole. One important aspect of these laws is that they were supposed to set them apart from other tribes and peoples — the Israelites were different because unlike everyone else, they were God's "Chosen People" and as such followed God's chosen laws. The word "Leviticus" means "concerning the Levites. Some of the laws in Leviticus were for the Levites in particular because the laws were instructions on how to conduct worship of God.

Most of its chapters 1—7, 11—27 consist of God's speeches to Moses , which God commands Moses to repeat to the Israelites. This takes place within the story of the Israelites' Exodus after they escaped Egypt and reached Mt. Sinai Exodus Then in Leviticus, God tells the Israelites and their priests how to make offerings in the Tabernacle and how to conduct themselves while camped around the holy tent sanctuary. Leviticus takes place during the month or month-and-a-half between the completion of the Tabernacle Exodus and the Israelites' departure from Sinai Numbers ,

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