Fun facts about the fifties

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fun facts about the fifties

The Fun of the Fifties: Ads, Fads and Fashion by Robert Opie

A nostalgic celebration of the fabulous fifties.

The 1950s was a heady mix of American excitement – cowboys, rocknroll, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe – and the British sense of fun that included Airfix kits, Plasticine and Hornby Dublo trains. It was a boom time for DIY enthusiasts, seaside holidays and space fiction. The Fifties also saw the birth of self-service shopping and sugar-coated breakfast cereals. Ultimately, there was a new optimism that followed the Festival of Britain, the Queens coronation, the end of rationing and the increasing distraction of a new entertainment – television.

The Fun of the Fifties is jam-packed with over 500 colourful and evocative items, everything from tantalizing toys and electric kitchen gadgets, to frozen foods, furniture and fashions. Here too are the popular TV programmes that pervaded this remarkable era. This book is not only stuffed full of vibrant 50s graphics, but also reveals an insight into a decade of consumer change.

A celebration of this most memorable era, this book will take all those baby boomers back to their childhood – Noddy, Sooty and Muffin the Mule, Meccano, Magic Robot and Dinky Toys, Watch with Mother, road safety kerb drill and novelty soaps, Spangles and Corona drink.
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How Kids Used to Eat in 1950s

Interesting facts about the 1950s

There's a reason why the s still captivate: It's a decade where an unusual amount of noteworthy things happened. From the world stage to our American backyards, here were just some of the amazing occurrences that made headlines then — and much later. Though it started in , the '50s makes records for the number of babies born per year — around 4 million on average. The average home size was under 1,square-feet. Good Grief!

Blue suede shoes and sideburns, man. Pink and black colored clothes. Turn your collar up, comb your hair in ducktails. And the music was cool. It was a whole culture then—a different world. However, as much as we all remember these aspects of the era, there was a lot more going on back then than meets the eye.

Sports Movies Champs:. NFL - Cleveland Browns. World Series - New York Yankees. Stanley Cup - Detroit Red Wings All About Eve. Father of the Bride Champs:.

41. Take Two

Gregory DeVictor is a trivia enthusiast who loves to write articles on American nostalgia. What are some fun facts, trivia, and history from the year ? For openers, Sam Walton opened the five-and-dime store that was the start of his Walmart empire, Private Kenneth Shadrick became the first U. McCarthyism labeled certain Americans as "communists," hurricanes in the Atlantic basin were given names for the first time, and CBS received an FCC license to broadcast in color. Back in , Otis installed the first self-service elevator in Dallas, the precursor to Xerox developed the first photocopy machine, and Marion Donovan invented disposable diapers.

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