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they don t care about us analysis

I Dont Care About Your Band: Lessons Learned from Indie Rockers, Trust Funders, Pornographers, Felons, Faux-Sensitive Hipsters, and Other Guys Ive Dated by Julie Klausner

In the tradition of Cynthia Heimel and Chelsea Handler, and with the boisterous iconoclasm of Amy Sedaris, Julie Klausners candid and funny debut I Dont Care About Your Band sheds light on the humiliations we endure to find love--and the lessons that can be culled from the wreckage.

I Dont Care About Your Band posits that lately the worst guys to date are the ones who seem sensitive. Its the jerks in nice guy clothing, not the players in Ed Hardy, who break the hearts of modern girls who grew up in the shadow of feminism, thinking they could have everything, but end up compromising constantly. The cowards, the kidults, the critics, and the contenders: these are the stars of Klausners memoir about how hard it is to find a man--good or otherwise--when youre a cynical grown-up exiled in the dregs of Guyville.

Off the popularity of her New York Times Modern Love piece about getting the brush-off from an indie rock musician, I Dont care About Your Band is marbled with the wry strains of Julie Klausners precocious curmudgeonry and brimming with truths that anyone whos ever been on a date will relate to. Klausner is an expert at landing herself waist-deep in crazy, time and time again, in part because her experience as a comedy writer (Best Week Ever, TV Funhouse on SNL) and sketch comedian from NYCs Upright Citizens Brigade fuels her philosophy of how any scene should unfold, which is, What? That sounds crazy? Okay, Ill do it.

I Dont Care About Your Band charts a distinctly human journey of a strong-willed but vulnerable protagonist who loves men like its her job, but whos done with guys who know more about love songs than love. Klausners is a new outlook on dating in a time of pop culture obsession, and she spent her 20s doing personal field research to back up her philosophies. This is the girls version of High Fidelity. By turns explicit, funny and moving, Klausners debut shows the evolution of a young woman who endured myriad encounters with the wrong guys, to emerge with real- world wisdom on matters of the heart. I Dont Care About Your Band is Julie Klausners manifesto, and every one of us can relate.
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Michael Jackson - He tried to warn us !

The song is a protest song and remains one of the most controversial pieces Jackson ever composed. In the US, media scrutiny surrounding allegations of antisemitic lyrics were the catalyst for Jackson issuing multiple apologies and re-recording the song with altered lyrics.
Julie Klausner

They Don't Care About Us

And yet another scandal. First, the US Jewish community was disturbed by the lyrics because it allegedly contained anti-Semitic words the lyrics to this song is being discussed to this day. Michael Jackson is planning to go to Brazil to shoot the second version of the short film. Brazilian officials are mostly concerned that the video will show impoverished districts of the city Brazil is hoping to win the right to host the Olympic Games, and a demonstration of the Rio slums may affect their chances of hosting the Olympics in Residents of Rio de Janeiro favela are, nevertheless, very happy that the world will finally get to see their living conditions. February 6: A day after the Brazilian judge gave permission to film the video for 20 days, he suddenly changes his mind and reduces the filming period to 5 days only.

I think because Micheal Jackson exposed the illumanati, they killed him. YO BRO. This was a street term used regularly against ''anybody'' , Jew or non Jew when trying cleverly to negotiate the deals going down. This learned tool might have been even in the Talmud that was used in the old days. Obviously, on the overall Michael became disillusioned and angry of what was happening in his life, feeling so isolated and illuminated the wrong way in and by The Music Industry that he rebelled against the lack of care and what was doing to US[the artists and musicians] that have been affecting his fans as the people, but it was not meant to be Anti-Semetic that sometimes he was accused off. I guess Michael Jackson felt he was being ''manipulated,used and cheated'' by The System and then ''They'' in The System became jealous and angry with him if and when he tried to outsmart them. After he sings 'I'm here to remind you"- he then sings, actually he screams: "don't you let that infect your babies!!!!!

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Skin head. They don't really care about us.




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