Interesting math facts about the number 11

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interesting math facts about the number 11

12 Ways to Get to 11 by Eve Merriam

Twelve witty double spreads take young readers on a counting adventure of adding to eleven.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 __ 12 What happened to 11?

Is it in the magicians hat? Maybe its in the mailbox or hiding in the jack-o-lantern? Dont forget to look in the barnyard where the hen awaits the arrival of her new little chicks. Could that be where eleven went?

Eve Merriam and Bernie Karlin take young readers on a counting adventure as they demonstrate twelve witty and imaginative ways to get to eleven.
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5 Incredible Numbers With Bizarre Powers

One such number is the number Number eleven has many interesting facts associated with it. It is associated with symbolism, spirituality.
Eve Merriam

Ridiculous But Truly Fun Facts About the Number Eleven

In Numerolgy the number 11 represents the Spiritual Messenger. In Numerology number 11 is a Master number. A Master number is a double-digit number which also comes from a single root number. Number 11, 22, and 33 are Master numbers. Eleven was considered a symbol of internal conflict and rebellion. It was compared to the unbalancing of the number ten, a pillar in the universe, number eleven represented disorder. Ten symbolized a complete cycle, by adding one; eleven was a symbol of exaggeration, extravagance and human sin.

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Eleven is the first palindromic number… the date Eleven is the smallest double digit prime number — and the fourth Sophie Germain prime , the third safe prime , the fourth Lucas prime , the first repunit prime , and the second good prime. Displayed on a calculator, 11 is a strobogrammatic prime and a dihedral prime because it reads the same whether the calculator is turned upside down or reflected on a mirror, or both. If the difference between the two sums is a multiple of 11, including 0, then the number is divisible by This technique also works with groups of digits rather than individual digits, so long as the number of digits in each group is odd, although not all groups have to have the same number of digits.

Write about mysteries that interest you. In Numerology. In numerology, number eleven is considered the master number. The reason is this number carries a vibrational frequency of balance. Number eleven signifies invention, refinement, fulfillment, vision, and congruence in a person. In astrology, the number eleven is considered a magical number that strikes a balance of emotion, thoughts, and spirits.

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