Picture books about making mistakes

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picture books about making mistakes

Its Okay to Make Mistakes by Todd Parr

In a tradition of Todd Parrs fan-favorite Its Okay to Be Different a book about embracing mistakes and the joy of happy accidents.

Todd Parrs bestselling books have reminded kids to embrace differences, to be thankful, to love one another, and to be themselves. Its Okay to Make Mistakes embraces lifes happy accidents, the mistakes and mess-ups that can lead to self discovery. Todd Parr brings a timely theme to life with his signature bold, kid-friendly illustrations and a passion for making readers feel good about themselves, encouraging them to try new things, experiment, and dare to explore new paths.

From coloring outside the lines and creating a unique piece of art to forgetting an umbrella but making a new friend, each page offers a kid-friendly take on the importance of taking chances, trying new things, and embracing life, mistakes and all.

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Published 08.12.2018

The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes

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Todd Parr

17 Children’s Books That Promote a Growth Mindset

Perfectionism can cause a lot of anxiety, especially in the school setting. The trouble comes when they begin connecting their value to whether or not they meet these far-reaching standards. This post contains affiliate links. A great book that shows it is okay to make mistakes. Beautiful Oops — A really fun book that celebrates mistakes and helps children see them as an opportunity for something great. The Dot — Perfect for the child who has trouble starting a project or assignment, because they doubt themselves and their ability. The Book of Mistakes — A unique picture book that show that mistakes are part of the creative process and how a blunder can inspire something even more beautiful.

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Suitable for Ages: Themes : Making mistakes, Empathy, Compassion, Kindness.
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7 Great Children’s Books About Perfectionism

Published on September 23rd, by Bright Kids Books. One of the best ways to help build resilience in our children is to teach them that making mistakes is ok. These books for year olds encourage kids to bounce back. In fact, hooray for mistakes! A mistake is an adventure in creativity, a portal of discovery. In Beautiful Oops! Kids see firsthand as they go through the book that any smudge, smear or stain can lead to something absolutely marvelous — with a little imagination.

Those of you who follow my blog know that in my primary job as an SLP working for a psychiatric hospital, I assess and treat language and literacy impaired students with significant emotional and behavioral disturbances. Two themes that consistently come up in my therapy sessions are taking risks and making mistakes. Many of my students are very afraid of taking risks and are terrified of trying new things whether educationally or socially. Bubble Gum Brain is a fun fun-loving adventure-taker who makes loads of mistakes, whether falling off a unicycle, striking out at baseball, or playing the harmonica. Even though those things are very difficult, he is not concerned about making mistakes because he realizes that by persevering and not giving up he is learning new things and actually having fun in the process. After that Brick Brain starts to realize that school and life can be a lot more palatable and even fun even when one is making mistakes. I teach them to take chances by trying to go just a little bit farther each time and pushing themselves just a tiny bit more in each of their therapy sessions.


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