True facts about the aye aye

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true facts about the aye aye

The Aye-Aye and I by Gerald Durrell

Here is the riveting tale of Gerald Durrells adventures and misadventures in the enchanted forests of Madagascar, in search of the elusive Aye-aye. Once thought to be extinct, the Aye-aye, the beast with the magic finger, still lurks, though in fast dwindling numbers, in the forests of Madagascar. Durrells mission to help save this strange creature turns into a madcap journey in which you will meet not only the enigmatic Aye-aye, but the catlike Fosa, the Flat-tailed tortoise, the Gentle lemurs of Lac Alaotra, and the Malagasy chameleons, among others. Truly nothing escapes Durrells sharp eye, whether he is describing the great zoma (market), the village dances, the treacherous bridges and river crossings, the strange foods and stranger music, or the vagaries of local officialdom. As the San Francisco Chronicle noted, It is impossible for Gerald Durrell to write anything that is less than exuberant, eccentric, and amusing. And in his account of this rescue mission, Durrell is, quite simply, at his superb best.
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Weird Animals True Facts About the Aye Aye

If you are in search of one of the ugliest creatures on the face of this planet, welcome to Madagascar, where lives the weirdo Aye-Aye! Let us learn 30 Aye-Aye facts and we are sure that when you are done reading, you will need to few minutes of loneliness to grasp the degree of oddity you will encounter. Aye-Aye is a primate and lives only and only in Madagascar, especially in north-eastern parts. The appearance of Aye-Aye is very scary and people actually believe that this animal actually predicts death. Because people think that the Aye-Aye predicts death , they hunt and kill this animal. Also, people hold the belief that Aye-Aye is a crop pest, which is yet another reason why they hunt and kill this creature.

For more info on classifications visit www. Aye-ayes tap tress with their long middle finger to listen for cavities and pull out grubs.
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Toggle navigation. Aye-aye Facts Aye-aye is one of the strangest looking primates. This animal can be found only in the north-eastern parts of Madagascar. Aye-aye lives in the tropical rainforests and deciduous forests, usually at the altitude above meters. It is characterized by scary appearance and people of Madagascar believe that aye-aye "predicts" death. People often hunt aye-aye because they are afraid of him and because they consider that aye-aye is a pest of agricultural crops.

Due to its specialized traits and distinctiveness from other primates, the aye-aye is included in its own family, genus and species. There has been much dispute as to where exactly to place the aye-aye taxonomically due to its odd conglomeration of traits. The aye-aye is a distinctive and unique species and the largest nocturnal primate Mittermeier et al. It is dark in color with two layers of hair: longer, coarse black hair with white tips and shorter and softer off-white hair. In captivity, the average weight of an aye-aye male is 2. The aye-aye's body, excluding its tail, is approximately In addition, the aye-aye's tail has the longest hairs of any prosimian at over 9 in

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  1. What's that tap-tap-tapping in the Madagascar trees? Meet the aye-aye, the only primate that uses echolocation to find food.

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