Good things about child labor during the industrial revolution

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good things about child labor during the industrial revolution

Child Labor Quotes (18 quotes)

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Documentary - The children who built Victorian Britain

The children of the Industrial Revolution at once hold all the opportunity of the future in their hands while also facing the terrors of poverty and reality of the present in the other. Perhaps when you imagine these children you see the typical sut faced child, a serious or scared look is plastered on their face and all at once you feel a deep sense of sympathy or wonderment. Located within this page these questions are attended to; in order to understand the children of the Industrial Revolution one must understand their environments and what brought them into this group.

The Children that Lived Through the Industrial Revolution

Child labour was the crucial ingredient which allowed Britain's Industrial Revolution to succeed, new research by a leading economic historian has concluded. After carrying out one of the most detailed statistical analyses of the period, Oxford's Professor Jane Humphries found that child labour was much more common and economically important than previously realised. Her estimates suggest that, by the early 19th century, England had more than a million child workers including around , seven- to year-olds — accounting for 15 per cent of the total labour force. The work is likely to transform the academic world's understanding of that crucial period of British history which was the launch-pad of the nation's economic and imperial power. Early factory owners — located in the countryside in order to exploit power from fast-flowing rivers — found that local labour was scarce and that those agricultural workers who were available were unsuitable for industrial production. They therefore opted instead to create a new work force composed of children, tailor-made for their factories.

Kids learn about child labor during the Industrial Revolution including types of Industrial Revolution until laws were eventually passed that made child labor.
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Throughout history, child labor has always been present; it is certainly not a new phenomenon. Children served as domestic servants, apprentices, assistants in the family business, and farmers during preindustrial times. Many families before and during the early 19th century were rural families that kept farms for their source of food, income, and other necessary provisions. Maintaining the farm was not only the responsibility of the parents, but also the responsibility of the children. They worked on the fields and helped tend to the livestock.

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  1. During the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries Great Britain became the first country to industrialize.

  2. In particular, the Industrial Revolution impacted the lives of working class people and the children of industrial societies.

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