Non fiction books about the end of the world

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non fiction books about the end of the world

Apocalyptic Non-Fiction (34 books)

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Published 08.12.2018

How to Write Book Descriptions for Fiction and Non-Fiction with Bryan Cohen - PPP132

Popular Non Fiction Apocalyptic Books

Many of the best nonfiction books of the year so far ask readers to make change. In Charged , Emily Bazelon presses us to stop giving prosecutors so much power in the courtroom. These books, by literary scholars, journalists and experts across fields, give us the context we need to make better sense of the world around us. Here, the best 10 nonfiction books of so far. American courtrooms are meant to be equal playing fields for both the prosecution and the defense. In Charged , Bazelon follows the cases of two young defendants, blending in-depth reporting with a harrowing narrative that highlights what she views as the dangerous powers of prosecutors.

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Will the future be dystopian? Can the human race even survive climate change and the ongoing mass extinction? Or does technology promise a far better and more hopeful future? They explore the impact of artificial intelligence and advanced robotics, the emergence of molecular nanotechnology, the private-sector space race, as well as climate change, the threat of a global pandemic, and other questions. Each is followed by a link to my review on this site. Diamandis and Steven Kotler— Does technology promise humanity a bright future? Eric Drexler— Nanotechnology and the future of our species.

Yet I have barely managed to make it through a non-fiction book in my life. But since reading the news has started to fill me with a horror beyond belief, I have started to explore that side of the bookshop. But where to start? Recently I had the privilege of attending the Storia Summit - a gathering of leaders from around the world, mostly in the areas of human rights and socially conscious business, who are working on their own nonfiction books or memoirs. An event I would recommend to anybody from the bottom of my heart. More info here. Inspired and humbled by the wonderful leader of the summit, Ariane Conrad aka The Book Doula, as well as every single one of the incredibly accomplished and passionate attendees, I noted down as many as possible of the books, authors and references that were mentioned during the course on the back cover of my notebook.

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