Other tolkien books about middle earth

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other tolkien books about middle earth

Middle-Earth Universe Series by J.R.R. Tolkien

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Exploring Middle-Earth: Timeline of Middle-Earth

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In The Shaping of Middle-earth the gradual transition from the "primitive" legendaria of The Book of Lost Tales to what would become The Silmarillion is described, and it contains a text which could be seen as the first "Silmarillion": the "Sketch of the Mythology". Three other parts are the Ambarkanta or "Shape of the World", a collection of maps and diagrams of the world described by Tolkien; and the Annals of Valinor and Beleriand , chronological works which started out as timelines but gradually turned into full narratives. The Annals of Valinor and Annals of Beleriand show the earliest outline of the chronology of the First Age as envisaged in the early s see Timeline of Arda. The next volume in the series, The Lost Road and Other Writings outlined revisions to both texts made c. The inscription in Book IV reads:.

Middle-earth is the fictional setting of much of British writer J. Tolkien 's legendarium. The term is equivalent to the term Midgard of Norse mythology , describing the human-inhabited world , that is, the central continent of the Earth in Tolkien's imagined mythological past. Tolkien's most widely read works, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings , take place entirely in Middle-earth, and Middle-earth has also become a short-hand to refer to the legendarium and Tolkien's fictional take on the world. Middle-earth is the north continent of Earth Arda in an imaginary period of the Earth's past [2] [3] [4] Tolkien placed the end of the Third Age at about 6, years before his own time , [5] [6] [7] in the sense of a "secondary or sub-creational reality ". Tolkien's Middle-earth stories mostly focus on the north-west of the continent.

Tolkien first encountered the term middangeard in an Old English fragment Hail Earendel, brightest of angels / above the middle-earth sent unto men. Many reviewers seem to assume that Middle-earth is another planet. the early s and published in The Book of Lost Tales ().
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Fiction of J.R.R. Tolkien

The scope of this category is books or writings by J. - The History of Middle-earth is a 12 volume series of books compiled and edited by J.

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  1. This continent was north of the Hither Lands shown in the Ambarkanta , and west of the East Sea ; and throughout the First and Second Ages it underwent dramatic geographical changes, caused by Iluvatar.

  2. A brief introduction to Tolkien's Middle-earth related works. Written after Tolkien's publisher asked him for another story about hobbits, The.

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  4. All are in print from Houghton Mifflin unless noted; many also in paperback from Ballantine.

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