Facts about gingers with blue eyes

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facts about gingers with blue eyes

Redheads Quotes (40 quotes)

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Published 09.12.2018

The Truth About Redheads

8. Blue eyed redheads are super rare. Blue eyes and red hair forms the rarest combo on earth. Most (natural) redheads will have brown eyes.

Are redheads with blue eyes really going extinct?

That's approximately million people. That's according to a study by a German sex researcher who found that women with red hair had sex more often. A similar English study found that redhead gals had sex an average of three times a week, while our blonde and brunette counterparts have it twice a week. Shame the fellas weren't questioned, too. Because it holds its pigment tighter than any other hair colour, red strands need to have their pigment stripped before being dyed by bleaching which, of course, damages the hair.

Find these and more redheads facts in this list.
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Red Hair And Blue Eyes Is Rare

We're rare birds of paradise, so enjoy us while you can. The first recorded evidence of this was from Dr.

Redheads have a particularly high abundance of pheomelanin, with very little eumelanin, which ranges from brown to black. When it's activated, it causes melanocytes to specifically produce eumelanin over phenomelanin, which balances out an individual's ratio. Contrastingly, redheads are born with a genetic variant that causes MC1R to chemically function differently on melanocytes, which leads to less eumelanin and more pheomelanin production. These genetic variants are recessive, meaning in order to be born a redhead, either non-redhead parents are carriers 25 percent , or one parent is a redhead and the other is a carrier 50 percent ; or both parents are redheads almost percent. This makes redheads rare and unique both on the outside and inside.

It is the rarest hair color in the world. All redheads do not have blue eyes. Blue and red combination is rather rare, a common combination with red hair are brown eyes. Redheads are more often mutants. Genetic variations in MC1R gene are common in people with red hair.

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