The truth about the first thanksgiving summary

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the truth about the first thanksgiving summary

What Was the First Thanksgiving? by Joan Holub

Labeling this book historical was difficult. I was interested in this story, and thought maybe I could pass it along to my daughter so that she would have more cultural context about what really happened during the first Thanksgiving, but no. I was sorely disappointed that this narrative glossed over the fact that European settlers would massacre entire tribes of Native Americans only to hold a feast of thanksgiving to their god for victory in their battles. It became to costly to hold so many feasts (because there were so many battles waged against Natives for their land and resources) so European settlers settled on one giant feast which supposedly was meant to honor Squanto for his teaching the settlers how to grow their own food. The page in question where I stopped reading specifically states a day of prayer and thanksgiving would be announced whenever something special happened. It might be to celebrate winning a battle or surviving a bad winter (Holub 54). A fine example of how history in America is twisted to downplay how vile parts of our history actually are: how repugnantly we treated people not of European descent or Puritan faith. As my children are taught an Anglo-revised version of history in their schools, we will definitely be discussing the actuality of events which have caused our nation to be where currently are and what we can do to make sure that changes. We are all human. We all deserves the same rights and responsibilities to each other.
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What's the Truth About the First Thanksgiving?

“The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth,” from , by Jennie Augusta these materials “teach history” by giving students facts to memorize even.
Joan Holub

The Truth About Thanksgiving: What They Never Taught You in School

Chapter 3. The Truth about the First Thanksgiving. I initially believedcertainly I had hopedthat students would suggest 30, B. Obviously, my students' heads have been filled with America's origin myth, the story of the first Thanksgiving. Textbooks are among the retailers of this primal legend. Part of the problem is the word settle. Students are not the only people misled by settle.

Native Americans and early settlers gave thanks together with this historic feast.

The First Thanksgiving: What Really Happened

The third chapter dismantles the common notion in history books that America was settled in People had, in fact, been here for thousands of years. It also takes issue with how historians paint American history as the history of the British in the Americas, especially considering that the Spanish were in America for much longer, and other nations like the Dutch had important colonial projects here. Much of the Native American population was decimated by the disease brought by Europeans that spread so quickly due to higher population density. The chapter points out the lack of detail that is given to Squanto, a Native American who helped the Pilgrims and had a tale crazier than Ulysses. His was also a tragic story, for once he returned home, he found that his entire village had died in an epidemic and he was the only one left. Chapter 4, "Red Eyes," seeks to tell the story of Native Americans from their perspective, not through white eyes

In , the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast that is acknowledged today as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations in the colonies. For more than two centuries, days of thanksgiving were celebrated by individual colonies and states. In September , a small ship called the Mayflower left Plymouth, England, carrying passengers—an assortment of religious separatists seeking a new home where they could freely practice their faith and other individuals lured by the promise of prosperity and land ownership in the New World. After a treacherous and uncomfortable crossing that lasted 66 days, they dropped anchor near the tip of Cape Cod, far north of their intended destination at the mouth of the Hudson River. One month later, the Mayflower crossed Massachusetts Bay, where the Pilgrims, as they are now commonly known, began the work of establishing a village at Plymouth. Throughout that first brutal winter, most of the colonists remained on board the ship, where they suffered from exposure, scurvy and outbreaks of contagious disease.

Peace between the English and the Wampanoag fell apart within a generation. In the US, Thanksgiving is a time for family, parades , lots of delicious food, and, oftentimes , intense travel snarls. American schoolchildren are usually taught the tradition dates back to the pilgrims, English religious dissenters who helped to establish the Plymouth Colony in present-day Massachusetts in As the story goes, friendly local Native Americans swooped in to teach the struggling colonists how to survive in the New World. Then everyone got together to celebrate with a feast in

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