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books about bob lee swagger

Bob Lee Swagger Series by Stephen Hunter

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Points of Impact Frontlines, Book 6 Audiobook

American Hero and ultimate Marine Sniper Bob Lee Swagger is the main protagonist of the book series written by the novelist, essayist, and.

Order of Bob Lee Swagger Books

The reading order of the Bob Lee Swagger books is the same as the publication order. There are also three books featuring Earl Swagger. Although not necessary, you may want to read those books prior to starting the Bob Lee books. There will be no spoilers in those books and also not too much foreshadowing; the books generally standalone from the Bob Lee series despite the family connection. Bob is the main character of a set of books that are in relation to his life during and after the Vietnam War.

Bob Lee Swagger is the recurring character created by Stephen Hunter. A veteran of Vietnam, Bob Lee is the deadliest sniper in the world, and you can be assured that whenever Bob Lees around, trouble will be too. The Bob Lee series of books was initially created as a trilogy, however due to the demands of fans, Bob Lee would return for four more books 9 years after the original trilogy was over. Below is the order of all the Bob Lee books:. The reading order of the Bob Lee Swagger books is the same as the publication order.

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He is the protagonist of a series of 10 novels as of May that relate his life during and after the Vietnam War —starting with Point of Impact up to the most recent G-Man Swagger is also the protagonist of both the film and the TV series Shooter , each based on Point of Impact. Bob Lee's father dies in , but not before imparting an appreciation for firearms in his son, harnessing the natural Swagger gift for firearms. Swagger joins the Marines, forging a successful career as a Marine Sniper. Bob Lee served three tours in Vietnam , working with Special Operations, and earned the nickname 'Bob the Nailer' for his uncanny ability with a rifle. Despite official counts crediting him with 87 combat kills, in reality he has killed a total of men, with his most notable success being an engagement when a battalion of the North Vietnamese Army were closing on a lightly defended Special Forces Base. Bob Lee and his spotter, Lance Corporal Donny Fenn, succeeded in delaying the battalion for two days until air support could arrive, and during the engagement Bob Lee killed in excess of 80 enemy troops, only stopping when his ammunition ran out.

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