Story about getting lost in a city

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story about getting lost in a city

Lost in the City by Edward P. Jones

A magnificent collection of short fiction focusing on the lives of African-American men and women in Washington, D.C., Lost in the City is the book that first brought author Edward P. Jones to national attention. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Critics Circle Award, and numerous other honors for his novel The Known World, Jones made his literary debut with these powerful tales of ordinary people who live in the shadows in this metropolis of great monuments and rich history. Lost in the City received the Pen/Hemingway Award for Best First Fiction and was a National Book Award Finalist. This beautiful 20th Anniversary Edition features a new introduction by the author, and is a wonderful companion piece to Jones’s masterful novel and his second acclaimed collection of stories, All Aunt Hagar’s Children.
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BROKEN DOWN: My True Story of Getting Lost in the Wilderness

One recent fond memory of getting lost in a new city was when we were trying to find our way back from the University of Coimbra (where we.
Edward P. Jones

A Lesson From The Road – A Story About Getting Lost

We were in Australia with my brother, my ex-girlfriend and my cousin. We were going to the east in direction to Cains, a city in Queensland. We had to pass through Cains because it was the shortest route to come back home to Melbourne. We were using a satnav, but in Australia there are more cities with the same name. So, we changed the wrong destination with the right destination. One year ago I got lost in Aspromonte during a journey with my friends when we were travelling toward the Calabrian Mountains. I have always loved travelling, so, with a few friends I decided to move and discover a new place in the wild Aspromonte….

Posted in October Issue , Short Stories. Well, well, well… the day I got lost on a hot, burning summer day! I remember that day like it was yesterday! It all started when my parents woke up my sisters and me. I ran for my life to the bathroom to take a shower, because every morning I try to beat my sister to the shower, but she always ends up beating me. Well, this time I beat her! She then told me that I had five minutes.

But really getting lost, losing your bearings in some thick forest; finding yourself on some nameless city backstreet, well away from where you.
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It happened last summer. I found that out and immediately wanted to throw up, because what? Here, I argued with my brother and he left me -- literally, as in he said bye and abandoned me and made his way back to the bar. Here began my descent into complete and utter misery. Frustrated and overheated, I went into one of the alleyways at the side of the mall and proceeded to climb up yet another cobbled slope, and after walking for thirty minutes, I only ended up coming back out at another' end of the mall. What was meant to be me "making a point" and "asserting my independence" ended up being one of the most desperate moments of my entire life. For the next hour, I wandered around this unknown city tear-ridden and bewildered and angry at myself for being so stupid as to think that I would be able to find my way back on my own.

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