5 facts about hernan cortes

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5 facts about hernan cortes

MCQs in Dental Materials by Dr. Pankaj Gupta

About the Book: MCQs in Dental Materials This multiple choice question book will serve as a quick revision guide for all students and there will be no ambiguity as to the correct response as the questions will be from standard texts and there will be a cross reference to the answer. It will also serve as a very important tool for graduates appearing for various post graduate entrance examinations. About the Author: Pankaj Gupta Dr Pankaj Gupta is Assistant Professor in Department Of Conservative Dentistry at Nair Hospital Dental College, Mumbai
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Conquistador Hernan Cortes : Fall of the Aztecs. Full Documentary

8 Interesting Facts about Hernan Cortes.

Hernan Cortes was a Spanish explorer who overthrew the Aztec empire and claimed most of Mexico for the crown of Spain. His father was an officer in the Spanish army. He belonged to a lesser noble family in Spain. Hernan studied at the University of Salamanca for a time. His parents hoped that he would become a lawyer one day. Declan, Tobin. Tobin, Declan.

He first set sail to the New World at the age of In , he set off to explore Mexico. He came from a lesser noble family in Spain. Some reports indicate that he studied at the University of Salamanca for a time. He traveled to the island of Santo Domingo, or Hispaniola. In February , the expedition reached the Mexican coast. This brazen decision eliminated the possibility of any retreat.

Hernan Cortes is famous for leading the expedition to modern-day Mexico which led to the fall of the Aztec Empire and was instrumental in the Spanish colonization of Americas. He is criticized for cruelly treating the natives and destroying Aztec temples and buildings. Here are 10 interesting facts about this Spanish Conquistador. Hernan Cortes initially pursued a career in law and even studied for two years at the University of Salamanca. Tired of schooling, he left his legal career to make a fortune in the Americas.

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Hernando Cortes Facts. Picture of the explorer Hernando Cortes and Montezuma in Mexico., He finally sailed for the island of Hispaniola now Santo Domingo in

Hernan Cortes was a Spanish conquistador and the leader of the expedition which brought down the mighty Aztec Empire between and Cortes was a ruthless leader whose ambition was matched only by his conviction that he could bring the natives of Mexico to the Kingdom of Spain and Christianity - and make himself fabulously wealthy in the process. As a controversial historical figure, there are many myths about Hernan Cortes. What's the truth about history's most legendary conquistador? In , Governor Diego Velazquez of Cuba outfitted an expedition to the mainland and selected Hernan Cortes to lead it. The expedition was to explore the coastline, make contact with the natives, perhaps engage in some trade, and then return to Cuba.

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