Famous 2pac quotes about love

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famous 2pac quotes about love

Tupac Shakur Quotes (Author of The Rose That Grew from Concrete)

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Published 10.12.2018

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80 Tupac Quotes on Life, Love, And Being Real That Will Inspire You

He was born in Harlem in , and from an early age, showed an interest in the arts and honed his skills at the schools he attended. Tupac acted in plays and rapped during high school. After his family moved to California in , his music career began to take off when he was hired by the group Digital Underground and began rapping in some of their songs. In , Tupac released his debut album which was met with controversy; he also began acting in films such as Poetic Justice and Above the Rim. During his career, Tupac released four more albums which exhibited his political and social messages. During a trip to Las Vegas in , Tupac was shot and died 6 days later. He was only 25 years old.

Looking for the best Tupac quotes? We've compiled a list of the top 80 Tupac Shakur quotes and sayings on life, love, people, music and more.
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Tupac Quotes About Love Tupac Love Quotes

He was an American rapper, an actor as well as a social activist. During his time, he was such a successful hip-hop legend with most of his lyrics filled with controversies, always talking about life in the ghetto and also using his lyrics to attack most of his gangsta enemies., Rap legend Tupac Amaru Shakur is considered one of the most influential rappers and greatest artists of all time, having sold over 75 million records. He attended the elite Baltimore School of the Arts where his creative side flourished, but his family moved before he could graduate.

These Tupac quotes and lyrics are just as powerful today as they were when the late rapper was still alive. Tupac Shakur was a superstar in every sense of the word. As a musician, he was the face of west coast hip-hop during the 90s. Tupac was one of my favorite rappers as I was growing up. I loved his delivery , he spoke with so much passion. And his confidence was just electric.

Last Updated on May 7, Tupac Shakur was a dynamic and influential American rapper who had critical success with his music, and carried his notoriety even after a tragic death. After his music received several acclaims and support, Tupac also started gaining ground as a spokesperson for equality. His success was greatly overshadowed by legal and personal entanglements that blurred the lines between life and death. He was born on June 16, as Lesane Parish Crooks before his fans came to know him as Tupac or 2pac. Tupac spent his earliest years in New York neighborhoods Bronx and Harlem. This jumpstarted his desire to pursue the arts, a desire which Tupac would continue to fulfill for several more years to come.

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