Quotes about racism in australia

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quotes about racism in australia

Racism In Australia Quotes (2 quotes)

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Published 11.12.2018

Systemic Racism: Australia's great white silence - Jonathan Sri - TEDxQUT

Is Australia becoming a more racist country?

Indigenous Australians are the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Australia , groups that existed before European colonisation. During that time, they have offered remarkable wisdom that counter much of what we are taught in the west. It is a spiritual feeling, an identity you know in your heart. We endeavored to live with the land; they seemed to live off it. I was taught to preserve, never to destroy. I look after.

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Are Australians racist?

Australia: Clashes between anti-Islam and anti-racism protesters

Our purpose in meeting today is to bring home to the white people of Australia the frightful conditions in which the native Aborigines of this continent live. This land belonged to our forefathers years ago, but today we are pushed further and further into the background. The Aborigines Progressive Association has been formed to put before the white people the fact that Aborigines throughout Australia are literally being starved to death. We refuse to be pushed into the background. We have decided to make ourselves heard. White men pretend that the Australian Aboriginal is a low type, who cannot be bettered. We ask for full citizen rights including old-age pensions, maternity bonus, relief work when unemployed, and the right to a full Australian education for our children.

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