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what is love stage about

Love Stage!! 3 by Eiki Eiki

I find it extremely hard to rate this manga (as a whole), because some topics are done well and some of the usual tropes that anger me quite a bit are wonderfully left out or explored in better, more realistic ways. (remarkable self-control for a BL character in a love scene for example), while others remain for comedic effect (snapping pics of Izumi while he sleeps just because he’s too cute. YIKES!).

The attempted gang rape in this volume is absolutely HORRIBLE! Izumi is being turned into a „damsel in distress“, icky by itself, but then the whole situation has no real weight behind it to further anything in the plot, not that such an atrocity should be used for that. Why is there a need to place him in such such a horrible situation when it has no real bearing on the story, except MAYBE to show us how enticing Izumi’s androgynous good looks are? And MAYBE to cement into the brains of everyone how all not traditionally male looking bodies are just objects, commodities? Thanks a lot! Izumi saves himself at least. A tiny, tiny glimmer of something different. But why put him in that situation in the first place? Just so that this TRAUMA helps him realise that he has feelings for Ryuma? Really? THAT was needed for this admission?!
(This volume has no star rating, because I CANT EVEN!)
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Love Stage ! Episode 2 English Sub HD

Love Stage!! is a Japanese yaoi manga series written by Eiki Eiki and illustrated by Taishi Zao. It began serialization in the July issue of Kadokawa.
Eiki Eiki

Love Stage!!

Sign in. Breakout star Erin Moriarty of " The Boys " shouts out her real-life super squad of actors. Watch now. Misaki Takahasi is the year-old 19 in episode 8 of Junjo Romantica little brother of Takahiro. At the start of the series, Misaki is about to sit for his college entrance examinations To his surprise the only job available is in the Shojo Manga division of the company. While spending summer with his mother, Haru meets Ren, a boy newly adopted by his mother.

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Love Stage!! His mother is a world-famous actress, his father a singer, and his brother a boy-band teenage heartthrob. While he has been able to stay out of the celebrity spotlight for years, Izumi is drawn back in to do a follow-up commercial to one he starred in with the rest of his family when he was a child. There are two problems, however. One is that in the original commercial he was dressed as a girl—and will thus be expected to dress as a woman again in the follow-up. With this set-up, it's pretty easy to see where a romantic comedy like this is going to go, but that rarely makes it any less hilarious. What starts as a mistaken gender comedy soon leads to Ryoma questioning his heterosexuality and later attempting to pursue a relationship with Izumi regardless.

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