Poems about girls with brown eyes

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poems about girls with brown eyes

Eyes Quotes (1019 quotes)

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Published 06.12.2018

Poem - Brown eyed girl

This Is Why You Should Love A Brown Eyed Girl

I will never get bored of looking into your eyes. His eyes are like the colour of a sunset through a glass of whiskey. But people are listening and so you keep it simple and say they are brown. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up.

I have green eyes, but I've always loved brown eyes. They're just so gorgeous and always remind me of melted chocolate and honey : Plus, I was looking for some good brown eyes analogies, so thanks. Because I'm sick of people saying there aren't any. Your brown eyes are like the deep intoxication of campaign wine, bubbling with hazing richness and expensive taste. Your brown eyes are like the color of mahogany wood- comforting and home-steady toughness that lets me know you will be the beams of supporting me.

Innocence of those eyes Innocence of those eyes, will never disguise , their dreams will fill their blood, with joyous thoughts, and gifts that love has brought innocence of a child is a blessing, which makes him see the beauty. My deep eyes owe a few colourful dreams Blue Waters are dancing in the quiet streams I still play with the chocolate ice-creams Rubbing them against lips While licking those delicious creams Equally touching my hairband strips My dreams chase. Is it the dreams that I lovingly hide, or are some demons residing inside. Am too afraid to let you know, Even too scared to make the show. Open your eyes, Just a simple girl, from what you see But is she as simple as she seems? Some words unspoken, Some unheard, Some are golden, lushful like in heart! Sweet smiles speak with shower of eyes, Till none knows what they hide.

Originally published in Ploughshares.
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Charlie F. Kane

Prev Poem. I've always used words to describe him In my mind. I guess that's why I've found the words for him In his eyes. Brown is the color of Autumn leaves, When the color is fading, The trees are bare, And it marks the season's greetings. Brown is the color of Concrete once the rain hits. It falls to the pavement and leaves a sparkle When it passes and absorbs in.

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