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random interesting facts about anything

The Big Book of Random Facts Volume 6: 1000 Interesting Facts And Trivia by Bill ONeill

As of February 22nd 2017, this book has been edited to provide better quality and value.

If you enjoy brain games, trivia quizzes or just stuffing your brain with random facts about anything and everything then this book is definitely for you. But you don’t have to be a trivia buff to thoroughly enjoy this amazing read. The Big Book of Random Facts is just that - a huge list of random trivia facts, funny facts and interesting facts in no particular order about almost everything under the sun (and beyond it)!

The Big Book of Random facts is packed with 1000 trivia facts that range from the fascinating, the bizarre, the hilarious, the gruesome to the downright mindboggling. These random facts are 100% true, collected from studies, historical records, scientific experiments and people who just went out and measured the weirdest things!

Ultimately, the Big Book of Random Facts is a fun-filled educational experience. You will learn astonishing and unbelievable facts about nature, animals, historical figures, ancient cultures the universe and much more. Who was the real Cleopatra? What medical problem was Napoleon suffering from at the Battle of Waterloo? What was Elvis’ last meal? What is the longest name in the world? Read the book and find out!

This is a light and amusing book that makes an ideal gift, a fun read at social gatherings and a great way for kids to learn new things while having a laugh. Grab yourself a copy and prepare for a rollercoaster ride that will leave you more knowledgeable, amused and astonished but ultimately thoroughly entertained every page of the way!
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50 Cute Animal Facts That Will Melt Your Heart

Or at least a walking encyclopedia. So read on, take notes, and then enjoy your newfound status as the king or queen of the random weird facts. And for more great info about pets, check out the 15 Signs Your dog Is Depressed.
Bill O'Neill

40 Random Obscure Facts That Will Make Everyone Think You’re a Genius

A raisin dropped in a glass of fresh champagne will bounce up and down continuously from the bottom of the glass to the top. Nicholas Cage bought a pet octopus once because he sincerely thought it might help with his acting. When he died, his ashes were buried in one. Homosexuality was still classified as an illness in Sweden in France was still executing people by guillotine when the first Star Wars movie came out.

Or where your smallest bone is? And what is a Jesus Nut!? Well, get your answers here, and so much more with these random, fun facts that will actually make your life better! So pull up a chair, get comfortable — and enjoy this awesome list of the top most random and fun facts. Alternatively, you can walk your dog for 45 minutes, which also burns calories — and is much less painful.

We can't put down National Geographic Kids' new book 5, Awesome Facts ( About Everything) 2. Here are 50 more of our favorite awesome facts from its.
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42. Astronomical

Here are 50 more of our favorite awesome facts from its pages. For more incredible facts like these, pick up 5, Awesome Facts About Everything 2, in bookstores now or available online here. Twenty-five years ago—on September 22, — Friends made its NBC debut and forever changed the face of American sitcoms.

When you stop and think about it, you realize the world is truly an awesome place. From brilliant accidental inventions to the fact that sneezes sound different depending on where you live, this planet is filled with information that continues to amaze us. Seriously, when we say everything, we mean everything. Research conducted at the University of Vienna suggests that yawning may play an essential role in cooling our brains. On July 4, , marathon swimmer Martin Steel began a journey in northern Minnesota that saw him making his way down the 2,mile Mississippi River in an effort to become the first person to swim its entire length.

Back when dinosaurs existed, there used to be volcanoes that were erupting on the moon. One habit of intelligent humans is being easily annoyed by people around them, but saying nothing in order to avoid a meaningless argument. The guards would use a shotgun to keep robbers and criminals away. There were two AI chatbots created by Facebook to talk to each other, but they were shut down after they started communicating in a language they made for themselves. Pepsi responded by notifying Coca-Cola. There is actually a difference between coffins and caskets — coffins are typically tapered and six-sided, while caskets are rectangular. Sunflowers can help clean radioactive soil.

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