What does islam say about satan

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what does islam say about satan

Armstrong says that Satan will never be... — A History of... Q&A

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Published 12.12.2018

The Satan and Demons

What’s the Muslim Satan Like?

Satan Shaitan occupies an important place in Islam and Christianity, and there are many parallels between their concepts. On the other hand, Muhammad said many things about Satan and the "Jinn", beings similar to demons, they can have physical or spiritual bodies, and can be evil or good , that have no equivalent in Christianity. Muhammad's superstitions played a role in his statements and they are reflected in Islamic theology. Additionaly, Muhammad borrowed stories about Satan from other religions, and repeated those as his teachings. Because of length constraints, this paper cannot be an exhaustive study on the topic of Satan and the Jinn in Islam. There is just too much data for one article.

The controversy

Christian / Muslim Dialogue: Satan's Art of Worship - Sheikh Yusuf Estes & Rev. David Millikan

Shaitan influences our calculation system with threats and temptations. On the one hand, he frightens us. A holy ayah from Sura Aal-e Imran says, "It is only shaitan that suggests to you the fear of his disciples: Be not afraid of them, but fear Me if you have faith" [The Holy Quran, 3: ]. On the issue of the battle that happened after the Battle of Uhud - there was a rumor saying that the enemy is coming to destroy Muslims and that Muslims are going to lose everything - the Holy Prophet s. If none of you comes, I will go alone". The Holy Prophet s.

Few people know that Muhammad says in the Quran that he takes refuge in Allah from evil witches who may cast spells on him Sura Few people know that early reliable Islamic sources say that he was bewitched by a Jewish magician for "a long period" in Medina. Few people know that the Quran itself reports that jinn genii secretly and invisibly listened to the Quran and became Muslims, while others refused. To repeat, these facts come from early reliable Islamic sources, not from the imagination of non-Muslims. This cannot be overemphasized. Early Muslim scholars themselves report these events and beliefs held by their prophet.

4 thoughts on “Armstrong says that Satan will never be... — A History of... Q&A

  1. Muslims believe that the Devil does exist, to deny his existence is equal to denying the Qur'an. The Devil, named Iblees or Shaitaan (Satan) in Islam, is a being.

  2. Iblis (or Eblis) is a figure frequently occurring in the Quran, commonly in relation to the creation In Islamic tradition, Iblis is often identified with Al-Shaitan ("the Devil"). . should be related to that which God does not relate him to; they said that Iblis had progeny and offspring, but the angels do not procreate or have children.

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