Movie about 3 witch sisters

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movie about 3 witch sisters

Witchling by Yasmine Galenorn

Were the DArtigo Sisters: Half-human, half-Faerie, were savvy--and sexy--operatives for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency. But our mixed-blood heritage short-circuits our talents at all the wrong times. My sister Delilah shapeshifts into a tabby cat whenever shes stressed. Menollys a vampire whos still trying to get the hang of being undead. And me? Im Camille--a wicked-good witch. Except my magic is as unpredictable as the weather, which my enemies are about to find out the hard way...

At the Wayfarer Inn, a portal to Otherworld and the local hangout for humans and beasties alike, our fellow operative, Jocko, has been murdered. Every clue points to Shadow Wing, the soul-munching, badass leader of the Subterranean Realms. Hes made it clear that he aims to raze humankind to the ground, turning both Earth and Otherworld into his private playground. Our assignment: keep Shadow Wing and his minions from creeping into Earth via the Wayfarer. The demons figure theyre in like Flynn. After all, with only my bumbling sisters and me standing in the way, how can they miss? But weve got a secret for them: Faulty wiring or not, nobody kicks ass like the DArtigo girls. . .
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The Three Witches Sing

Celeste loves all things magical, and she has studied the history and practice of witchcraft since childhood. She is a green witch. Are you looking for an awesome movie about witches?
Yasmine Galenorn

32 Witch Movies You Have To See

It follows a villainous, yet comedic, trio of witches , who are inadvertently resurrected by a teenage boy in Salem, Massachusetts on Halloween. On October 31, near Salem, Massachusetts , Thackery Binx sees his little sister, Emily, spirited away to the cottage of three witches. There, the Sanderson sisters, Winifred, Sarah and Mary, cast a spell on Emily to absorb her youth and regain their own, killing her in the process. Thackery confronts the witches who transform him into an immortal black cat to live with his guilt for not saving Emily. The townsfolk, led by Binx's father, capture the witches. But before being hanged, Winifred's spellbook casts a curse that will resurrect the witches during a full moon on All Hallows' Eve when any virgin lights the Black Flame Candle. Thackery guards the cottage to ensure no one summons the witches.

Bette Midler and her iconic teeth stole the film as the leader of the three Sanderson sisters—witches resurrected years after being executed.
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What makes witch movies so fascinating as a collection, though, is their wide variety of tones and messages. Below, Vulture makes the case for the 15 best witch flicks ever made. But all are strange, surprising, and at least a little dangerous. Wouldst thou like to watch deliciously? But the plan backfires spectacularly when she winds up falling head over broomstick for the guy — even though witches who fall in love lose their powers. A long-ago executed witch rises from the dead, hell-bent on revenge, in a visual feast of castles and coffins and gore. Even today, the imagery is arresting, if not downright stomach-turning.

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