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books about prison industrial complex

Popular Prison Industrial Complex Books

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Published 12.12.2018

The Prison Industrial Complex

Everything You Think You Know About Mass Incarceration Is Wrong

We're on their trail, and we've got many fresh leads to chase down — please support our work. It remains the definitive text connecting social and political control policies to the American incarceration experiment. Beginning with the economic shifts and civil unrest of the s, Parenti takes us on a disturbing trip through the federal backlash against "crime" and shows how the US government funneled billions in aid to cities and states in order to build militarized police forces who were primarily tasked with policing the underclasses, what Parenti calls "the management of surplus labor. As testament to the intransigence of these policies, the US prison population doubled in the ten years since Lockdown's release. Parenti has made a career out of tackling the difficult subjects that mainstream journalists shy away from, and has always been a refreshingly honest voice of reason, never afraid to take on the sacred cows of class and freedom in America.

Pfaff brings unusual credentials to the conversation. He is a law professor at Fordham University, but also a University of Chicago-trained economist, fluent in data analysis. But he invites us to rethink our notions about how we got to this state of affairs in the first place, in the hope that doing so will suggest some additional approaches to fixing things. The war on drugs is not the main driver of incarceration rates that have grown fivefold since The numbers, he says, debunk the notion that prison populations can be drastically reduced by easing punishment for low-level drug offenses.

Who's behind the ‘dark money’ bankrolling our politics?

I was outraged and disgusted… mostly at myself for having never thought about the human rights violations occurring behind those fortified walls. Or the money being made off of those human rights violations. A combination of greed, lack of training, and sheer disrespect for human life have coalesced to give us a prison system that has nothing to do with redemption and rehabilitation and has everything to do with power and domination.

The United States incarcerates 2. The war on crime disproportionately targets people of color. This reading list acts as a primer to understand how and why America developed its prison industrial complex and what it will take to end mass incarceration. Angela Davis, a brilliant feminist scholar, writer, and activist makes a powerful argument for the abolition of prisons entirely. The New Jim Crow was first published in but is still as timely as ever. This Pulitzer-prize winning book tells the story of the Attica prison uprising and the subsequent legal battles in exhaustive detail.



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  1. This book is a sublimely useful powder keg — an explosive gathering of insight, information and, yes, inspiration, for us to act on what Peterson has learned, and what he so valiantly teaches us.

  2. A Reading List for Understanding the Prison Industrial Complex. Holly Genovese recommends 9 books about mass incarceration in the United.

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