Disney quotes about losing a loved one

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disney quotes about losing a loved one

Bound to the Battle God by Ruby Dixon

Please dont judge this book by its cover!!!!! lol

4.5 stars

Let me tell you all the things I loved about it...

Bound to the Battle Godisa slow burn romance, the couple doesnt kiss until 50% into the book. And its not an Erotica novel. The amount of sex is average, in one word a perfect amount for such a long book.

Its a portal fantasy, an earthling female is being transported to a different planet, WITHOUT the dreaded going back and forth (like Outlander), which I hate. The heroine stays where she is.

The hero is deliciously aggravating in his arrogant way (there is a reason for it), possessive, sweet, affectionate and very much godlike. The way he was portrayed was perfection! And the visible character growth was something I really enjoyed.

The heroine is from Earth, and has no issues standing toe to toe with our God of Battle. She enjoys pushing his buttons, and telling him NO whenever it suits her. She is mouthy and sarcastic - in short I was delighted by her. And because she was unafraid of him, her ignorance balanced their relationship and made them equals rather than God and slave, which I appreciated.

The story was unique. I was captivated by the characters, plot and the overall feel of the story. The couple was passionate, and I couldnt get enough of it. Honestly, I hated putting it down, and every interruption was an annoyance.I cant wait to read the next book in this series.

One of the only complaints I have is that the book was LONG!!!!

With 665 pages it was one long story. The beginning was a bit slow, but even though, I never felt that the story dragged. The amount of pages makes sense since its a big tale to tell. There were maybe some scenes that could have been cut, but in retrospect Im glad it was a long book, because I didnt want it to end.

Also there were a couple things that didnt make much sense to me, like the heroine understanding everyone, but on the other hand cant read their books. But in the end, those were a couple small things that didnt really take away from the overall enjoyment.

I had the best time reading this book!!!

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Quotes about Losing A Loved One

Quotes about Losing a Loved One

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