Facts about the movie the day after tomorrow

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facts about the movie the day after tomorrow

The Day After Tomorrow by Allan Folsom

Youve read this next line a million times: It had me from the first page. I can assure you that it may never be more true than in this book. Further, its more likely true not just form the first page, but from the first sentence. Then its a roller coaster ride across an amazing plot line that crosses generations and continents. This reader was left almost breathless in the end. Speaking of the end, well, ok, I wont speak of the end other than to say wow as it sneaks up on you and then leaves your jaw hanging. I enjoyed every single page of this one, and I cant recommend it too highly.
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The day after tomorrow

Some Of The Science Behind The Ridiculous Movie 'The Day After Tomorrow' Is Now Coming True

The film depicts catastrophic climatic effects following the disruption of the North Atlantic Ocean circulation in a series of extreme weather events that usher in global cooling and lead to a new ice age. A major commercial success, the film became the sixth highest-grossing film of Filmed in Toronto and Montreal , it is the highest-grossing Hollywood film made in Canada adjusted for inflation. It received mixed reviews upon release, with critics highly praising the film's special effects but criticizing its writing and numerous scientific inaccuracies. Professor Terry Rapson, an oceanographer of the Hedland Centre in Scotland befriends Jack over his views of an inevitable climate shift.

When it comes to regulating global climate, the circulation of the Atlantic Ocean plays a key role. The constantly moving system of deep-water circulation, sometimes referred to as the Global Ocean Conveyor Belt, sends warm, salty Gulf Stream water to the North Atlantic where it releases heat to the atmosphere and warms Western Europe. The cooler water then sinks to great depths and travels all the way to Antarctica and eventually circulates back up to the Gulf Stream.
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Federal lab and nonprofit provide 'Warming 101'

Many who see the global warming disaster movie "The Day After Tomorrow" will want to sift the science from the fiction around climate change. The National Center for Atmospheric Research, a federal lab, looks at three of the movie's key scenarios. The Pew Center for Climate Change, a nonprofit alliance of major businesses seeking strategies to counter warming, answers some commonly asked questions via its director, Eileen Claussen, who previously has held senior science policy positions at the State Department and National Security Council. NCAR's response Movie scenario. Temperatures in New York City plummet from sweltering to freezing in hours.

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  1. The Day After Tomorrow () Trivia on IMDb: Cameos, Mistakes, Spoilers and Twentieth Century Fox invited a group of scientists to preview this movie.

  2. Models indicate that a storm surge of about 20 feet is possible in New. York given an intense hurricane strike in northern New Jersey. • 10 foot storm surges have.

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