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what is nineteen minutes about

Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult

In nineteen minutes, you can mow the front lawn, color your hair, watch a third of a hockey game. In nineteen minutes, you can bake scones or get a tooth filled by a dentist; you can fold laundry for a family of five....In nineteen minutes, you can stop the world, or you can just jump off it. In nineteen minutes, you can get revenge.

Sterling is a small, ordinary New Hampshire town where nothing ever happens -- until the day its complacency is shattered by a shocking act of violence. In the aftermath, the towns residents must not only seek justice in order to begin healing but also come to terms with the role they played in the tragedy. For them, the lines between truth and fiction, right and wrong, insider and outsider have been obscured forever. Josie Cormier, the teenage daughter of the judge sitting on the case, could be the states best witness, but she cant remember what happened in front of her own eyes. And as the trial progresses, fault lines between the high school and the adult community begin to show, destroying the closest of friendships and families.

Nineteen Minutes is New York Times bestselling author Jodi Picoults most raw, honest, and important novel yet. Told with the straightforward style for which she has become known, it asks simple questions that have no easy answers: Can your own child become a mystery to you? What does it mean to be different in our society? Is it ever okay for a victim to strike back? And who -- if anyone -- has the right to judge someone else?
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Book Review: Nineteen Minutes !

Nineteen Minutes, published on March 9, , is a novel by Jodi Picoult. It was her first book to debut at #1 on the New York Times Best Seller list. This book is.
Jodi Picoult

Jodi Picoult

Nineteen Minutes , published on March 9, , is a novel by Jodi Picoult. The story begins on March 6, in the small town of Sterling, New Hampshire , tracking the lives of a number of characters on an "ordinary day. At the local high school, Sterling High, the story follows a routine day of students in classes, at the gym, and in the cafeteria. Suddenly, a loud bang is heard from the parking lot, which turns out to be a bomb set off in Matt Royston's car. As the students are distracted by the noise, gunshots are fired.

He has had his private email spammed out to an entire school. Lacy, his mother, endures grief, despair, and self-defeating thought patterns. She tries to remember her son for who he was. Lacy would have to be the keeper of those, because it was the only way for that part of Peter to stay alive. For every recollection of him that involved a bullet or a scream, she would have a hundred others: of a little boy splashing in a pond, or riding a bicycle for the first time, or waving from the top of a jungle gym. She would wear them, precious pearls, every day of her life; because if she lost them, then the boy she had loved and raised and known would really be gone.

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Nineteen Minutes examines a school shooting in a riveting, poignant, and thought-provoking novel that asks a haunting question: Do we really ever know someone? Are you an educator looking to use 19 Minutes for an anti-bullying curriculum? Jodi put together these 19 Minutes excerpts and questions as a resource for educators and others developing their own anti-bullying curriculum. Check out these online resources about school violence and prevention. Enhance your book club meeting : discuss ways to prevent bullying and school violence in your community!

Answer: The other nine million will be recapitulated by Ms. Picoult in compassionate, everyday detail — and in what seems like real time. Picoult has a way of finding reassurance even in a standoff that would have stumped King Solomon. Her proficiently constructed books are not about chaos, or even loose ends. Picoult tells this story in healing mode, emphasizing the slights and taunts and oversights that made Peter go wrong. If his Superman lunchbox not been tossed out the window of a school bus on his first day of kindergarten?

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