100 facts about ella fitzgerald

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100 facts about ella fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald: The Tale of a Vocal Virtuosa by Andrea Davis Pinkney

Ella Fitzgerald began her life as a singer on the stage of the Apollo Theater when she was just seventeen years old. Her rich voice and vocal innovations brought her fame and a remarkable career than spanned half a century and won her generations of fans around the world. Acclaimed author Andrea Davis Pinkney has told Ellas inspiring story in the voice of Scat Cat Monroe, a feline fan whose imagined narrative sings with the infectious rhythms of scat. Two-time Caldecott Honor winner Brian Pinkneys dramatic perspectives and fantastical images offer a jazzy improvisation all their own.
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10 Important Ella Fitzgerald Facts You Need To Know

Pioneering jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald —who was born on April 25, —helped revolutionize the genre. Celebrate the life of the artist known as the First Lady of Song, Queen of Jazz, or just plain ol' Lady Ella with these fascinating facts. Though she attempted to launch her career as a dancer more on that in a moment , Ella Fitzgerald was a jazz enthusiast from a very young age. My mother brought home one of her records, and I fell in love with it. I tried so hard to sound just like her. Eventually, to escape the violence, she moved to Harlem to live with her aunt. While she had been a great student when she was younger, it was following that move that her dedication to education faltered.

Biographies Ella Fitzgerald. But unlike her contemporary and sometime rival Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald never descended into the world of drugs or alcohol, and her singing does not reveal the inner identification with tormented love or suffering that Holiday is so famous for. For Ella the music itself is foremost; her straightforward, direct approach to the song reveals the joy she experienced in performing. Ella was the first child of Tempie Temperance and William Fitzgerald, both of whom could read and write and worked, Tempie as a laundress. Her father abandoned the family while Ella was still small, and Tempie took up with a first-generation immigrant from Portugal, Joseph Da Silva. Ella, shy but ambitious, received excellent grades in school, and impressed playmates with her ability to dance and sing. Her attendance at the Bethany African Methodist Episcopal Church would have exposed her to formal music making — simple harmony, voice projection, rhythmic phrasing — while radio performances and recordings of Bing Crosby, the Boswell Sisters and Louis Armstrong fed her gift for imitation.

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Take a look below for 30 more fascinating and interesting facts about Ella Fitzgerald. After tumultuous teenage years, Fitzgerald found stability in musical success with the Chick Webb Orchestra, performing across the country but most often associated with the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem. After taking over the band when Webb died, Fitzgerald left it behind in to start her solo career. Her manager was Moe Gale, co-founder of the Savoy, until she turned the rest of her career over to Norman Granz, who founded Verve Records to produce new records for Fitzgerald. With Verve, she recorded some of her more widely noted works, particularly her interpretations of the Great American Songbook. While Fitzgerald appeared in movies and as a guest on popular television shows in the second half of the twentieth century, her musical collaborations with Louis Armstrong , Duke Ellington and The Ink Spots were some of her most notable acts outside of her solo career.

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  1. In Ella Fitzgerald: A Biography of the First Lady of Jazz, trumpeter Mario . such a common mistake that Hendrix himself was known to have some fun with it.

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