Stories about sex with strangers

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stories about sex with strangers

I Dont Even Know Your Name! Five Stranger Sex Erotica Stories by Constance Slight

Stranger sex continues to be one of the most popular fantasies among women, and it’s no wonder! Meeting up with a handsome stranger in a hotel room, an alleyway, a bar—all of with no strings attached. In this scorching collection, you’ll find stranger sex galore including plenty of group stranger sex and rough sex!

1. Threesome Sex with Strangers in My Hotel Room: An FFM Threesome Erotica Story

A successful businesswoman traveling for work comes across a very erotic surprise in her hotel room, a couple right in the middle of hardcore sex! She knows she should leave, but she just can’t stop staring, and sure enough, she gets caught. The couple isn’t angry, though. Instead, they invite her to join in, and this beautiful babe gets her first taste of a woman in a scorching threesome experience she just couldnt turn down!

2. The Stranger Takes Two: A First Lesbian Sex FFM Threesome Short

It’s been a tough week, so Carlene is looking forward to a night out with her best friend Jackie. Get a few drinks in this girl, though, and she’s ready for action. Action in this case means her first ever lesbian sex experience right in the middle of a menage a trois…with complete strangers!

3. Sex on the Tracks: A Stranger Sex Erotica Story

Patrice enjoys travel by train far more than any other travel, but she never expected she’d get such a perfect reason to love it when she meets Clark. “Strangers on a Train” turns into stranger sex on a train as the two find themselves irresistibly drawn to each other for a night of rough sex in Patrice’s private car!

4. Stranger Sex on My Eighteenth Birthday: An Erotica Story

Taylor has her eighteenth birthday all figured out. She’s particularly excited about her plans for a tattoo and hanging out with her friend Alice. Things don’t go as planned, though! Alice gets caught up with a boy, and the tattoo artist isn’t coming in. About the only good thing is a hot guy working the desk at the tattoo parlor. Taylor thinks Kai is amazing, and he’s about to prove it. Before long, she’s right in the middle of a stranger sex experience!

5. Picked Up at the Bar: Rough Sex with a Stranger

Camilla’s life has been a little stressful, and her best friend Muriel isn’t putting up with it. What better way to blow off a little steam than a one night stand with a complete stranger? At the bar, she tells a handsome stranger she’s planning to fuck him, and with a sexy and beautiful girl like Camilla, how can he resist? Before the night is through, she’ll have a steamy one night stand, a thrilling a satisfying stranger sex encounter!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various stranger sex encounters. It includes ffm menage, rough deep throat, rough sex, semen swallowing, first lesbian sex, public sex, rough sex, semen swallowing, spanking, cum sharing, and more. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.
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Christine Sydelko and I Ask Strangers About Sex - Chris Klemens

Sex With Stranger Stories from Juicy Sex Stories. Quality, original erotica. Do not enter site if you are under 18, if erotica offends you or is illegal.
Constance Slight

These True Stories Of One-Night Stands Are As Juicy As They Are Unique

Image via Wikimedia Commons. I'd gotten a place in Los Feliz with my boyfriend. Three weeks after moving in, we broke up, and I relocated to the guest room. We remained friends, but I found myself suddenly single and alone in a city where I knew no one. The first time it happened, I was in Griffith Park walking my dog, Maggie. In those first few months in LA, I was lonely. I decided to go exploring.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? A complete stranger with a whip. There are also four more, so what are you waiting for? Click to download and you can start reading in seconds! Please do not download this book unless you are legally able to download and view explicit sexual content in your area.

Ever have a story so hot it would be wrong not to share it with the rest of the world? We're here to listen. Each week, we'll bring you tempting tales from our readers that will definitely keep you up all night—in the best way possible. A full 24 hours?! How did that happen? So a friend and I went on a road trip to another city to visit a mutual friend.

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Robin Rinaldi, 50, would be a dedicated wife at weekends but spent the rest of the week with young lovers in a rented apartment. But there was something missing.

This story depicts how I got lucky with a German during my visit at overweight.. Read full story. Pam and the new accountant find a new use for the multipurpose room Read full story. Two strangers have a quick fuck on the train. Our first swing club experience mrtwister - July 28, Views. Mia and I met on an adult site.

Home Stories Submit Login Search. Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum. Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours. We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. I had been sitting there, pissed off and horny as hell, taking a long ride home after I had been stood up yet again by my boyfriend Rohan. It was the third no show in a week and I was getting fed up.

The next best thing to having sex with strangers is reading about other people having sex with strangers. Maybe you can even get yourself a few ideas for setting up your next encounter. How a Hotel Waiter Fucked Me. This is a great true story from a woman in need. It opens up as she is traveling and away from her boyfriend. A little halfhearted covering up and she pretends to sleep as he walks into the room.

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  1. I then felt something rub my thigh & with a shock realized that the stranger had put his hand on my thigh. I was wearing a Top and shorts & his hand was softly.

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  3. And discovered a new kind of thrill when a handsome stranger sat with her. Enjoy this erotic story! A Stranger On The Train – The Erotic Story Of A Sensual Trip . Tune In! How Music Enhances Our Experience of Sex.

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