Main idea of looking for alaska

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main idea of looking for alaska

Looking for Alaska by John Green

Before. Miles “Pudge” Halter is done with his safe life at home. His whole life has been one big non-event, and his obsession with famous last words has only made him crave “the Great Perhaps” even more (Francois Rabelais, poet). He heads off to the sometimes crazy and anything-but-boring world of Culver Creek Boarding School, and his life becomes the opposite of safe. Because down the hall is Alaska Young. The gorgeous, clever, funny, sexy, self-destructive, screwed up, and utterly fascinating Alaska Young. She is an event unto herself. She pulls Pudge into her world, launches him into the Great Perhaps, and steals his heart. Then. . . .
After. Nothing is ever the same.
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Looking for Alaska Short Film

and find homework help for other Looking for Alaska questions at eNotes. One main topic of Looking for Alaskais the creation and cultivation of personal relationships. The main idea in the novel is the search for meaning and purpose.
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Looking for Alaska Themes

While life and death are certainly important topics in Looking for Alaska , how to live and die are much bigger themes. Miles and Alaska are both naturally inclined toward looking for meaning. Mystery is at the heart of this novel—so much so that it is embedded in the structure of the book. Friendship, and particularly loyalty among friends, is extremely important at Culver Creek. The Colonel emphasizes to Miles that under no circumstances should he tell on a fellow student, and Alaska suffers emotionally for having done so to her roommate, Marya. This code of loyalty, while strict, encourages the students to forgive one another, or at least not to hold grudges.

J ohn Green has been put on quite the pedestal. I'd heard so much praise for him from many different sources, that one day I decided to just buy all of his books, because if everyone else liked them so much, there's no way I couldn't. I'll be honest with you — I did enjoy Looking for Alaska. First of all, the structure of the novel is great, and most of all, original. With a structure like this, we learn the before and the after of the main event, which is something you don't see in a lot of books. Too often we're just thrown into the middle of a story with no explanation as to how the characters got there or how they know each other.

He lives in New York City. Before a reader has even opened the book, the writer has acknowledged that this is a story, and that the story does not faithfully recount events that actually occurred. The other big difference, I would argue, is that lies are attempts to hide the truth by willfully denying facts. Fiction, on the other hand, is an attempt to reveal the truth by ignoring facts. To paraphrase William Faulkner, I am much more interested in the truth than in the facts. One of the challenges in writing Alaska was learning not to overvalue facts.

It won the Michael L. Printz Award from the American Library Association , [1] and led the association's list of most-challenged books in due to profanity and sexually explicit scenes. The novel is based on John Green's early life.
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Questions and Topics for Discussion

All rights reserved. This ain't no innocent Toy Story friendship between Buzz and Woody, but the characters definitely value friendship equally as much in Looking for Alaska. Miles wants to leave Florida to seek his Gr Intimacy, sex, and love are complicated in Looking for Alaska. Miles both loves and lusts after Alaska, and we have a hard time figuring out, at least in the part of the story before she dies, whic Home for Miles in Looking for Alaska is Florida with his parents.

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